Cristina Smars
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Hey hey!

Interesting experience reading this morning. Focus was varying a lot.
This is how active focus feels to me:
I achieve focus in either one or both eyes. It feels like a magnifying glass was put in front of my eye/eyes. I slowly pull the magnifying glass farther away, and feel/sense/imagine a circular stretch or widening of my clarity bubble. It’s so surreal. And then I can read at a distance (this morning it was 28-29!) until my eyes seem to feel tired. Sometimes, if I blink slowly, i can get focus again.

It’s so surreal!

When you said I can wait until I’m ready for a second focal plane, did you mean a second pair of differentials to use along side the current 83cm ones for even closer work? Is that something that is done? I would think that would get confusing mostly because of astigmatism reductions. It’s probably best that I just stick with the plan and get a distance pair when the time comes. I’m certainly not doing myself any harm!

This is really cool, man!