Jake S.
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Note that support here meant for course sessions primarily, and the course being based on non-outlier types of myopia. If not the case, refund always an option.

1. EM advice conflicting: The approach is based on ongoing tweaks for approaching 20 years, of a structured approach. Changes made as we run into repeating issues. At this point, as it exists now it works quite predictably for most people. No evidence that ‘buckling’ is a common issue. No frequent issues with astigmatism not resolving at the suggested pace. Exceptions apply, but not common.

2. Eliminating 3 diopters of cylinder, not advised. You can certainly do it, but I won’t be able to give you advice if you go have your own experiment. No saying you shouldn’t, just that think of me as a baker and instead of cake, you make bagels. I can’t give you bagel advice. Your brain is not likely going to be thrilled about 3 diopters of cylinder suddenly removed – unless it was a hugely incorrect ‘prescription’ and you weren’t using it / not for long. All unlikely.

3. Stable compromise = gradual reductions. The course leaves plenty of room for the first couple of differentials / normalized to adjust quite a bit. Normal to go up to a diopter lower on normalized. Outlier situations may include more adjustments – though not multiple diopters at one time. You could have an unusual situation, if so see above.

4. Joe Dispensa vs. biology / reality. Possible, who knows. Now we’re not talking bagels, but sparkly unicorns. Feeding those, not my area. Perhaps Joe has a forum?

5. Too many changes. Too many changes all over. Expanding with experiments after doing the actual course, following the suggestions, possible and can be useful. Jumping in and ignoring most of the key aspects, not likely to yield outcomes generally experienced by following the course.

Messing around with lots of focal plane changes is usually highly unproductive. Within the endmyopia approach anyway.

My suggestion would be a course refund. You’re not really using it, and I can’t really provide you with support with what you’re doing in this case!