Melanie Carr
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Ok, so my first pair of differentials arrived (-5.75 left, -6.25 right)

How long have you been using those?
A few days (3-4)

What are the centimeter distances wearing them?
69.9 right eye cm distance
55.7 left eye cm distance

Any other notes on how those feel?
Reading with them on feels amazing, however I have a toddler so I’m constantly switching between close and far and I notice the left eye isn’t as good as the right.

Also how about eye chart, which lines can you read with them?
I can read 20/25 with the right and 20/40 with the left (I now have 2 eye charts, 6 foot and 20 foot)
The 20 footer has low and artificial light but it’s the only place it fit. My vision is worse there.
The 6 foot has natural light and I can see clearly 20/40 with the left and 20/25 with the right, but I have to squint to see the next line so I didn’t count that.

What are you wearing for distance now?
I’m wearing -7.50 left, -8 right for distance and there isn’t anything I can’t see, but when I try to read anything up close my eyes water and burn like crazy as you described. The differentials for reading are amazing! I used to just take off my glasses and put my screen super close to my face, and first thing in the morning and in the evening I would just go without my glasses and use night mode. I liked how the text appeared bigger with my natural eye.

Side note: when I’d do that, over time I found it easier to move the phone further away.