Jake S.
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Yes it’s super important to make changes to what your eyes and visual cortex are used to, very slowly and gradually.

It can become difficult troubleshooting and stepping back making too significant of a change or too many changes too quickly. I know I repeat this a lot. 😂

Keep a notebook of observations. You’ll want to revisit things and have a summary of what was going on, memory alone won’t be ideal. Yes you’ll want a lower diopter gap but again more commonly than not, it takes the brain time to adapt to changes. There seems to be something going that might cause your brain to think there is something wrong with your eyes if you adjust too quickly, perhaps because in ‘nature’ there aren’t lenses and the biology doesn’t expect drastic changes.

Eye Que gets mixed reports. If you want one, you could add it as one more collection of datapoints. At some point there could be overanalyzing though. Best to figure out what gradual change works best, settle in to good habits, and some casual measurements with well space reductions is best.