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Hello again Jake

Thanks for being there for the support. One day EM will be so big that you’ll be too busy, which makes me appreciate it even more.

I’ve been drinking carrot juice and do pretty much every daily work-out on the 20/20 course, plus Amblyoplay and Lanomax eye drops. My case of -9 and -3 is experimental. I’ve made some ‘impossible’ progress, and now I have some questions. Perhaps you could please comment on my progress if you see anything going the wrong way?

My improvements are so great that I can hardly believe them. I’m sometimes up and down on centimetre measurements, but it doesn’t phase me because backwards measurements seem consistently to come before a leap, so I welcome them. However, it’s only been two months and I’m reluctant to get measured by the optometrist because I don’t want my improvement bubble to burst, even if it’s imaginary.
1. When is a good time to get officially measured? I have a test lens kit. For how long is that enough?

CLOSE UP: I have been using -5.5 in the left for close up, (which was my original old distance prescription). After a while I got rid of the cyl completely and adjusted to that on both planes. Now I don’t need any correction at all in the right eye for close up. (Wow!)

DISTANCE GAINS: For distance I have been using -8 left and -2 right contacts when on a walk. For everyday, I have a -5.5 contact lens in the left and put glasses over the top for distance. This enables me to buy very cheap glasses which are naturally thin, and means I just take them off to briefly see close up. I haven’t dropped any normalised diopters because I instead dropped all the astigmatism correction in both eyes. The cyl wasn’t really helping the clarity much, and it’s made prescribing myself much easier. However the glasses lenses are terrible quality, and I don’t even trust the correction because my tens lens kit of the same strength is better! So I’m thinking of sticking more to contacts for a while, until my prescription settles down.

REDUCED DIFFERENTIAL: Well, after 2 months I find left -5.5 too easy for close up. By chance I used this lens as a contact for no correction Sundays with nothing in the right eye while I had some glasses on order. Anyway, I started to notice that this correction wasn’t all that different to the -8. I have to pull focus, but can read almost as much on the Snellen. I checked on the EM centimetre measuring tape and my centimetre measurement does now consistently fall in the -5.5 area. This is a miracle which I can hardly believe as 3.5 diopters improvement is outside what’s expected, even from EM. I’m guessing it has something to do with the cataracts dissolving maybe? Amblyoplay? But it could be raw EM – on the measuring tool a 6-8 centimetre improvement when you have been at -9 really does equate to -5.5. You said the most recent distance vision loss can be most quickly recovered, and maybe that’s why my L eye improved so quickly? Maybe I got measured on a bad day or it got so bad because I woke a 90,000 word novel in lockdown?

2. I like the two eyes to have equal blur for active focus. So if I move directly to -5.5 should I also reduce the -2 right to maybe -1?

3. I wondered about stepping the left down gradually: -7, -6 etc, but as my centimetre says -5.5 – shall I go directly with that? At the moment I can read subtitles etc with -5.5 but (lighting conditions dictating) I’m keeping -8 because I think its more important to reduce the differential first?

4. The distance is improving rapidly but I feel the next step is to reduce the differential for the L eye. Based on -5.5 for distance, -4.5 seems about right for the left as a differential. However, the right needs no lens close up. I am wondering how I can work that eye as it will get back to 20/20 much sooner? I have some presbyopia which in the R hovers between 20 and 17 cm. With -4.5 in the left I am about this distance from the screen, so the right eye presbyopia would be being worked, although its not ideal to be this close to the screen. I’m only at the computer screen for a short time in the mornings now. I have a test lens kit and can experiment with plus lenses if you could guide me?

Sorry it’s complex – very hard to express with brevity and clarity.

Thank you muchly x