Maxime Bouilly
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Thank you for your answers.

From what I read, I might have blur adaptation. I pretty sure I found active focus because I can clear things up in close-up and at a distance. But when I don’t think about it I find myself staying in a de-focus image in close-up or at a distance.

My current differential are -4 both eyes, and my normalized -5.50. With -4D my centimeters varies around 50 and 55 cm and with -5.50D I can usually read 20/40 or 20/30 on the eyes chart.

I wonder if it’s necessary to increase my distance correction for a while before coming back to a reduced correction. I’ve already done that before by changing my initial really under-corrected -4.75 to -5.25 then -5.50. I wonder if the main solution would rather be to increase awareness of the blur and clarity during the day, because sometimes even at a distance where my correction should give 20/20 I find my eyes staying in blur and not making the effort to come into focus. Does it make sense?

I’m currently at the 23th steps “Your Almost Ready For Normalized!”. I guess I might find more insights about that later on in the program. But what do you think?