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Hello again

An update to let you know where I’m at

My routine is as follows:

Wake up, no lenses 20 mins
Put in ONLY Left contact lens -5.5 (This is my old distance sph without the cyl)
25 mins Amblyoplay Vision Therapy
Break (read EM Course post)
25 mins Amblyoplay
Up to 3 hrs close up work with ping pong and coffee breaks.
Afternoon: Change contact lenses for -8 and -2 (no cyl).
Rest of day outside, or variable focal planes indoors.
30 mins timed distance staring/noticing.
Active focus whenever I think about it (a lot).
I briefly check phone evenings when take out lenses. (I know that’s bad).
If I absolutely need to check phone or read a label in day I slip a pair of +2 reading glasses over contacts for those few seconds.
If I need to do more close up work pm, I take out the distance contact and briefly put the -5.5 back in.

Points of note:
After a few weeks of differentials, I don’t need ANY correction in the Right eye for close up.
I know it’s not ideal to have a contact in the Right all day, but new glasses taking ages to come through.
It feels weird to go back to cyl correction glasses, and I’ve managed to avoid it by not driving.
Astigmatism blur: With -8 and -2 contacts I could read subtitles okay. After 10 days of wearing no cyl correction, astigmatism blur sometimes appears worse (Your post says to expect this), but it’s still bearable, so I’m just seeing what happens. It’s quite interesting actually. Flashes of clarity.
The Amblyoplay ap is amazing. I had to patch my good eye and train monocular for a month. Now lazy eye has improved so much I can train binocularly. I wear coloured lenses for the games. After a few minutes the separate images for both eyes appear magically on the screen and its mind-blowing to see how the brain is merging them to help me play the games.
I have made a big jump in sph prescription to accommodate the lazy eye. I know this will take 3-4 months of log to know if it is working, so I’m not making any other changes at the moment.
Average Naked eye centimetres improved:
Left 12cm — 14/16 cm.
Right 32cm — 45/50cm.
Presbyopia measurements as yet not improved, but not worse either.

1. AF with both eyes: I have some double vision for distance when I try to pull active focus. I rejoice at this because it means the lazy eye is working. However, though my eyes now have a similar blur horizon, it’s not as easy to do active focus (with both eyes) as I thought. What happens is that – I close one eye, do AF, then close the other eye and do AF, then try to do with both eyes and get some double vision. I only do this to kind of show my brain and eyes the target, as it were. Then I just concentrate on what I can see in my diopter bubble, rather than what I can’t. I’m trying not to strain, just waiting to see if the biology can sort it out. What do you think?
2. No correction Sundays: I have a similar blur correction ratio for both eyes in the close up and distance focal planes. However, when I take off my lenses altogether, I lose this ratio. So, for no correction Sundays, I’m thinking to keep the -5.5 lens in the left eye, (which is basically my differential prescription) in an attempt to minimise the confusion for visual cortex? Alternatively I could use a -2 diopter weaker contact lens in the left (-3.5). What do you think?