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Yeah, I think you hit the nail with “significant screen time scenario”. I saw the podcast with the guy who went from -7.00 to -1.75. He lives near the equator and works as a teacher, which probably only requires 20hrs/week or less of screen time. That’s perfect for endmyopia.
Meanwhile I’m in the north and I cant get a single minute of work done without being in front of the computer. 37.5rs a week of work minimum. Then there’s 5-10 hours of semi-required stuff like reading news and keeping up with the world. Also, learning new stuff and getting better at things is my main passion in life, and it’s hard to avoid books and screens for that. I’m willing to cut screen based entertainment. Cutting back on work and learing, not so much.
So I’m looking at how to make 50-60 hours of weekly computer time sustainable. Maybe it’s possible with good lighting, breaks and smart plus lens usage. Maybe it’s not but I dont need 0.75 diopters a year. I’d accept 0.25 a year. Worst case, maybe I only get down to -1.00 or -1.50 and then do the rest later in life when i cut back on work.