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Hello Jake, thank you for reading my update, after a long time!
I was wearing these:
Differentials R -3,5/-0,75, L -3,75/-0,5
Normalized R -4,0/-1,25, L -4,25/-1,0
Then, as I continued to see 20/20 with the Normalized, I thought I go down with Diffs by 0,25 diopter (not changing CYL), which resulted in a difference between Diff and Norm of less than 1 diopter („Total“ Diff=-4,25 vs. „Total“ Norm =-5,0). I remember you mentioned the difference should be around 1 diopter.
With current Diffs I can read at the computer at a distance of 60cm, but not with ease anymore.
I was doing AF outside and by challenging blur with fonts under good light conditions.
I am looking for advice how to best work with that „blur“ transition.
I realize it’s worth starting again measuring, as I learn from you, 3 ways: centimeters, snellen and outdoor situations. The centimeter is not easy for me to grasp, but I will try again.
Over a long period, the tendency of both eyes during a day was that R was stronger in the morning, and L „took over“ during the day. Lately, R has been constantly weaker than L.
From time to time, I was getting serious strain pains in the forehead, lasting for about 24h each time.
I will follow/repeat the course and try to understand where I was getting „off track“ so far…
Thank you again for any thoughts on this!
Best wishes, Tobias