Jake S.
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Im doing a full habbit overhaul here. Going through the lessons again too. I’ve finally realized I’ve been too focused on the positive stimulus and not focused enough on reducing strain.
Im keeping it super strict for a while, because if I cant solve the ghosting soon I might rage quit.

–> Super helpful. Revisiting things with experience to back up what you’re reading for context. Very veryvery often one side (strain or stimulus) gets under-accounted but it’s almost impossible for me to point at it from where I’m at.

Eye chart to check for eye strain. I made some video about it.

Ghosting normally (as you know) result of reductions or cylinder change. It can absolutely be ciliary strain too though, if it’s not the diopters. Easy-ish to tell by it being much more noticeable after screen time.

Try not to rage quit. 😉