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Hello again Jake.

It’s time for normalised, but as you may remember, I’m not the standard binocular.

Feb 2022 – opto subjective refraction
R/ -2.75 sph / -2.25 cyl x 45
L/ -9.00 sph / -2.75 cyl x 152

Feb 2022 – opto Prescription
R/ -2.75 sph / -2.25 cyl x 45
L/ -3.50 sph / -2.75 cyl x 152


CURRENT DISTANCE GLASSES (-Old prescription 2019)
R/ -1.75 sph / -2.25 cyl x 42
L/ -5.50 sph / -3.00 cyl x 154 (this due to increase to -8 for normalised, so that both eyes can work together)

R/ -0.25 sph / -1.00 cyl x 45
L/ -5.50 sph / -2.00 cyl x 152

ACTIVE FOCUS: I can only do active focus with one eye at a time because the left eye turns in at distance and the right eye turns in on close up work. So I have been trying to get to a place where both eyes can have similar blur horizon and work together. My differentials give me a sweet spot for screen work of about 25cm, which over 4 weeks has improved to about 35cm 🙂

I got some experimental contact lenses – for peripheral vision when out walking – using a test lens kit to prescribe myself.

-2. (no cyl)
-8 (no cyl)

Despite no cyl correction, these give me 20/50 (easy) 20/30 (harder) vision and a similar blur horizon in both eyes (daytime, natural light). The blur is mostly astigmatic blur, I think, but I can definitely read the letters, so does that really matter? Indoor vision seems okay too.


If I can see 20/50 – 20/30 with no-cyl, shall I persevere with the contacts for a while before rushing to buy cyl-corrected normalised?

I know you’re not supposed to dump the cyl correction in one go, but I wasn’t expecting to be able to see so well in the distance with no cyl at all. I only got them for walking breaks, because you said it was okay to have a bit more blur for an hour or so because of the benefits of peripheral vision. Contacts are not ideal (because I have to take them out for close up), so if they work I could get -2 / -8 glasses and work from there?

***My first thought was that I must be overprescribing the sph, but (when playing with the test lens kit), adding more sph didn’t seem to work to offset cyl reduction, so I’m fairly sure I’m not massively overprescribing sph. It just seems lucky.

***I still have some cyl correction in my differentials because (with my home kit), increase in sph didn’t significantly offset any cyl reduction for up-close. Plus this specific correction allowed me have a sweet spot without too much change.

Of course I am concerned for my visual cortex. The leap from -5.5 to -8 in the left is already a jump, but my eyes seem to like it and my old cyl distance prescription now feels a bit strange. I thought, maybe experiment with no cyl (distance) for a while (1-3 months?) and then revisit the situation? What do you think?