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<p>Thank you, Jake.</p>
<p>Some more praise:</p>
<p>Through your wordy emails and not having much course instruction other than to measure and think, I have been really noticing how much eyesight and lifestyle influence each other. (Such wisdom in your method!!)</p>
<p>I realise more than ever how much eyes and sight are connected to how we think. We ask for “clarity” of concept, we “focus” on a thought processes. In English the word EYE is even the word for self. Spelled differently (I), but puns can be missed by the unconscious. Like you said, the eye is part of our brain. It’s mind-blowing.</p>
<p>I can hardly describe a new understanding without using a pun like “I see”.  Enlightenment too, it’s all about that. </p>
<p>You have revealed to me how my paradise of distance vision became lost. I stopped riding bikes and horses all day. I started studying. I became white, (instead of sun-bronzed), I got glasses, I stopped playing ball sports La La La. Today, my eye prescription could almost be a map of my lack of self-confidence.</p>
<p>You have made me aware of how I am currently living a “fake” life, experiencing travel and the outdoors mostly through films and TV programs. I’m a writer. I’ve turned to writing about “real” life instead of living it. How crazy is that?! </p>
<p>It’s not too late, and I’m slowly changing. Slowly, because like sun exposure, I have no base. It’s not advisable  to go quick and get burned – three steps forward, ten steps back!! </p>
<p>My husband and I have tried before to change. We went walking. Too far, too soon -and injured ourselves!!! lol. We didn’t have Jake as our guide! Now we have agreed to take it slow, reclaim our real lives, one step at a time, starting with daily ping pong lol.</p>
<p>You truly are a guru. It made me cry real tears when I realised all this. Happy tears. Happy centimetres. Happy road back to 20/20. :)</p>