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<p>Great, thanks.</p>
<p>As well as tracking the progress of the weak eye, AMBLYOPLAY also contains a program that measures your visual acuity (on screen) and keeps a log of it. You can look at the progress in the form of a chart after 4 tests. It tests you once a week. Something similar might be useful for EM?</p>
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<p>I don’t mind taking EM measurements but find it challenging to:</p>
<p>1. log them in a meaningful way (An example of a log book would be great please!!)</p>
<p>2. take accurate measurements</p>
<p>3. know which measurements are important (naked eye or with glasses, left/right eye individual measurements,) and how often to do each one. I have presbyopia so I measure near as well as far blur. Is there any point in this?</p>
<p>I have a note book, but it’s not easy to compare the data. It’s more screen time to enter it into a spread sheet and would be a whole new learning curve for me.</p>
<p>It would be disappointing to find after 2 months of measuring that I had been doing it wrong! EM log pages (for daily/weekly/monthly measurements) that I could print out would really help; quite enjoyable incentive to fill in the blanks.</p>
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