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<p>Hey Jake,</p>
<p>I’ve caught up with the course (I missed the first week because I thought it would be emailed to me daily and nothing arrived, lol).</p>
<p>I love it. It’s wordy, but I like words and you make it really fun.  I’m doing measuring and noticing and active focus trials. I also have some new reading glasses since a few days. You are so thoughtful and keep asking on the course to check in with you, so here I am with this update to see if you have any comments/guidance.</p>
<p>To remind a little, my left eye is around -9 and my right around -3 with about -3 cyl in each eye. My distance glasses (from optometrist) were only corrected to -5.5 in the left (plus the cyl), so the L eye has become very lazy.</p>
<p>**Since one week, I have half-hour daily amblyopia lessons with a program called AMBLYOPLAY. It’s designed for kids so is a lot of fun and should get my lazy eye back on track in maybe 6-12 months. Maybe a bit longer. The program measured my squint and told me that, because my “handicap” is so great, I have to practice monocular for a while, until both eyes can play together, lol.  Anyway, it helps me have a daily habit for the EM too as there is a 15 min break between the exercises. *Ask me if you want to know more.</p>
<p>Back to my update. My new reading glasses are a bit of an experiment. Now that I know that my right eye is not sick, or going blind, but has simply been under corrected (for a 2 diopter reason I do not fully understand), I decided I would like to know what it is to see clearly with both eyes at the same time.</p>
<p>By chance, I found that my -5.5 distance correction was about right for close up work, so all I needed to do was find a close up lens with similar blur challenge for the right eye. Lucky me, I also have some presbyopia (lol) but amazingly I have managed to find a prescription with a sweet spot of clarity and a similar amount of blur challenge for both eyes. At the moment this focal plane is a little close to the screen, but I am managing, and shouldn’t do so much screen time anyway 😉 </p>
<p>NB I have also reduced the cyl from around -3 to -2 in both eyes for these reading glasses only.</p>
<p>It’s not time on the course yet to get new distance glasses. Hopefully by then my distance requirement may have dropped a little.  That would be good because potentially -9 sph in the left eye is scary, (not just because it means 9 years to become glasses-free).</p>
<p>I’ve been thinking about your video where you said we have shoes for tennis/beach/snow but only one pair of glasses for all vision contexts? Well, I know it’s not usual, but I may need several pairs of glasses. Although the -8/-9 prescription seems very high, I think I will only need that for driving at night. My daytime prescription can be less. However, I do need both eyes to have similar blur challenge because it’s the only way I can do active focus. Otherwise I have to shut one eye to do active focus! I will also soon get close up glasses that are more comfortable for screen work and use my current ones for reading a book. </p>
<p>So that’s 4 pairs of glasses for about 2 years, when my right eye will possibly need no more correction, (except maybe driving at night).</p>
<p>After that, I think I might use a contact lens in my left eye, and correct over the top with a lens for distance or close up.</p>
<p>That’s my plan. What do you think? I realise from your previous answers that you can’t tell me exactly what to do, but I’m sure you will stop me if you think I’m going the wrong way :)</p>
<p>Thank you again, for everything you went through to make this Back to 20/20 Course available to me.</p>
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