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Your theory makes sense. Not being used to that much lux for longer times may be a factor too. At least that’s what it feels like to me. When I get back inside after 1-2 hours outside I have a small sense of relief, as if the reduced lighting is more relaxing.

I suspect we could measure the effect, which is why I’m doing the extra DTB measurements. It would be great to have a more objective feedback mechanism than “outdoor time feels relaxing”. Measurements and tracking their changes is the sort of stuff I respond well to. I’m not gonna do it forever but I can do it for a while until I learn my closeup limits.

Like I mentioned, I currently have this pattern:
Morning measurement: bad
Pre-walk measurement: good (after 3-4 hours of closeup)
Post-walk measurement: bad
I’m thinking that when I find the positive closeup-distance balance the pattern should start changing and move towards a point where they’re rougly the same. Do you agree?