Mithoo Antia
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Thanks for your quick reply and your encouragement.
I have ordered -6.00 and -5.00

I read you generally do not suggest having multiple differentials for different close up activities, but your reply started me thinking I might find it useful, mainly because of the piano. (Of course I would be spending even longer every day looking for the wretched things!) I tend not to sit immobile but move around so that the focal plane is often changing, the present -5.50 are just about clear if I am not leaning back, and a pair with -4.75 shows me it is impossible to read the music unless I sit leaning uncomfortably far in. So -5.00 should give a fair amount of blur without being impossible to read.

I normally spend about 4 – 6 hours in close up involving texts but now I shall try to differentiate between the close up activities to find out if a third weaker pair would be worth it. If I don’t find things moving I will try additional pair with -4.75 or even -4.50 for reading books and writing by hand, and the occasional sewing, all of which activities form a part of my day.

It’s nice to know you’re in the background!