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There’s been some positive development on the ghosting in the last few days, so that’s good. It’s very noticeable during the alarm clock exercise. The starting point has less ghosting than it did a few weeks ago and it fuses a bit quicker. It has never fused 100% yet but it’s close. I start with 3 ghosted images. Two fuses completely an the last fuses 90%.

Question about the effort needed to resolve the deep/hardcase ciliary spasm:
A typical example for me is I measure DTB 39 after waking up. After 2 hours on the computer I measure 42. After 4 hours I go for a walk. Measure DTB 42 before the walk and 38 after the walk. 30 minutes post walk it’s back to 42. Everything is kind of backwards. Same thing when watching TV from 4 meters away. After an hour the ghosted TV-subtitles are worse than when I started.
I’m at 10 hours weekly outdoor time now. Any idea what will it take? 20 hours a week for 3 months or something like that?