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Thanks for reminding me.

Ideally you would try to avoid introducing a cylinder diopter ratio. If both eyes had the same cylinder to begin with and that worked, then you will want to reduce cylinder equally on both eyes. Also you always want to reduce cylinder in differentials first. If that works out and any potential ghosting lessons over a few months, it’s possible to introduce a reduction in normalized.

Avoid reducing cylinder in normalized before differentials.

As for improvement, the distance active focus is quite key. Differentials and some reductions are great to reduce strain. For actual improvement, distance active focus is necessary. You can do it with anything that works for you, but if you’re on full power distance glasses, it’s more likely that you aren’t getting much active focus.

Take your time, revisit sessions. There is no magic solution. It’s important to follow the sessions to get the benefit.

Also no rush. Slow adjustment, finding more reasons to not look at screens, substituting more looking at the real environment. You’ll get there!