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Selcuk Mumcu
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Good morning/evening Jake,

I want to do a sanity check and get your input on something that I am noticing.

Until, I got my 2nd pair of normalized glasses, it seemed my LEFT eye was doing most of the work. I could clearly see better with my left eye, almost at 20/20 in good light, but right eye was struggling more. So, I dropped LEFT from -6.00 to -5.75. RIGHT remained same at -4.75.

Now,(using 20 ft Snellen) it seems my LEFT gotten weaker but RIGHT sees much clearer. LEFT now, gives me an OK 20/40 (not great but manageable) but right almost, almost with every good light 20/20.

What is happening here? I think one eye takes the dominant position, correct? I cannot quite equalize it so I have been (since last year July when I started) always close one – eye, when exercising distance active focusing (mostly due to double vision.)

Do you recommend, I drop Right further to -4.50? That’s like a new pair of glasses in less than 2 months!

Cheers and hope you are doing well…. Let me know if you ever need export help! 🙂