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Thankyou for the reply..I had written quite long my depression ;)..so you missed one question..

QUESTION In normalised i reduced cylinder in only right eye as I was feeling uncomfortable with reduced cylinder in the other eye…so left cyl is now -2.5 and right is -3,, originally both cylindder were -3…Am I going wrong in this..should I keep original cylinder for both eyes..

However through spherical I am trying reducing the 1 diopter gap between both eyes

You asked about my habits- I have a 9 hr computer job being a CA and taking care of chores its real struggle finging outdoor time..Max I am able to do it for one hour…
In closeup I remind my self in between for active focus..

I had mentioned earlier That Now I dont find blur in screen with differentials…but I now I dont see that clarity..Its been almost 3 months of using my first differentials

Used normalised 1 month back with reduced cylinders in both eye but was uncomfortable so chnged left eye glass to original cylinders

Please mention if practicing distance vision active focus is only good with sign boards..because with trees and houses only ciliary spasm is relaxed I feel but not really any active focus..I am confused at this since starting