Patrick Bade
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Okay cool, that makes perfect sense.

For normalized, you might perhaps get two pairs. One night time / driving / full power, and one a bit lower to get you around 20/30 or so. Use either as needed. Also helps with conscious awareness of where your acuity is at in the moment, and choice to be made which diopters are necessary. 🙂

-> 1) So am I going to take my contact lenses strength as a reference for the normalized glasses? As in for night time / driving / full power L: 1.25 and R: 1.5 ? Or must it be L: 1.5 and R: 1.75 to account for vertex distance? 2) And for 20/30 vision how much should I go lower?

It’s a bit unfortunate as I don’t know the strength of my glasses (with which I can see 20/16 as well), I only know the strength of my contact lenses (L: 1.25 and R: 1.5 and with that I can see 20/16 both indoors and outdoors). That said, I might take the glasses to the optometrist and just ask him if he can tell me the strength.

Thanks for all your help,