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Hi Jake..as discussed with you and as I was not comfortable with new normalised , you said to reduce onlu spherical by half diopter and keep cylindrical same….

So in my new normalised I did that (kept same cylinder ) only for left eye as it was more uncomfortable..and kept reduced cylinder as that of differentials for right eye

-3 cyl for left and -2.5 for right…am i going wrong in this,…should i keep both eyes same cyl (in original prescription cyl is same for both eyes and in spherical one diopter difference)

Does axis matter,..I havent get them checked since 2 yrs and using same axis as original prescription

Also..I am not seeing any progress in my centimteres and for distance I dont really get that blur horizon to practice active focus because from far I cant see and as I go near I see…Any opinion/advice/motivation…because I seem to have lost all…and it bothers me that 6 months have been over in my program without any progress and after that I am not sure if I can ask you questions when I carry on my own…

I was really positive and hopeful that I will be able to reduce my high myopia (-8 & -7 sph plus cylinder) and I really trust you and the program but now loosing hope…being a big fan of you sang your name to the entire family and now they say..see we told..you wont be able to do 3 hrs distance vision with office time..and you are playing with glasses..

Please say something I dont know..may be I need to see one of your hippie or little philosphical mystic mountain guru video :'( 🙂