Simone Burke
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Thanks Jake.

Yes it is infuriating. They suggested misight lenses to stop the progression and in 6 months of using the contacts they said she had increased by .5 dioptors in both eyes despite saying the misight would stop the progression. The final straw was when I was told she was now a glaucoma suspect as her pressure was up. I found your work and it made sense! Finally something that made sense! At her last check her eye pressure was fine.

On the eye chart using her differentials she is 20/40. She can easily recognize faces and expressions. I think she was ready to use her diffs and normalized when I would send her to school with her normalized and differentials to change depending if she was in the classroom or playing outside and she would come home and tell me she forgot to change them and had worn her diffs all day even playing outside and saw fine with them. At first I was concerned but I tested her with different signs to read outside and she was ok. I hope I am not moving too fast but am just logging our readings, time outdoors etc.

For her new diffs, do you think I need to increase SPH when I lower the CYL for the new diffs.

Thanks for getting back to me 🙂