Jake S.
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OD -6 SPH, -2.75 CYL axis 164
OS -5.75 SPH, -3 CYL axis 30

–> That’s somewhere between painful and infuriating to read! They’d just increase and increase as long as possible without ever thinking. Lens induced myopia, super obvious. Astigmatism is definitely not increasing, the only sort of astigmatism that’s real (for the most part) is from the corneal surface, which would be a starting high number but never really change. :/

Glad you’re figuring this out.

Yes I would say, for differentials going half diopter lower in cylinder would be a good starting experiment. Don’t let her wear the old ones the same day before so it won’t be that noticeable.

Question: Using her differentials as new normalized – how’s the eye chart with those? Can she easily recognize faces and facial expressions? Are we confident about this reduction?

Also I like to avoid the term ‘prescription’. They like us to believe that glasses are some sort of medical device treating a medical condition, which … their paradigm. 😉