Manuel Molina
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I went to the optometrist. I was told I had allergies and was prescribed drops, as well as lid scrubs, to relieve that. My eyes had been dry, itchy, etc.

I also did an exam to get my prescription. I got my distance prescription (I know I’m not gonna use it), and I’m going tomorrow to get my closeup prescription. I tried my best to describe that I wanted two prescriptions, one for only 50-60 cm and nothing else, and another one for distance. I don’t know exactly how they’re going to calculate my differentials, but I’ll let you know what I get.

I do know, however, that to calculate my closeup prescription, they were using the big fancy machine used for regular prescriptions, and a tiny Snellen chart held at 50-60 cm from the machine. It had 20/50, 20/40, 20/30, 20/20 on the side just like a regular one. Any tips on what line I should be reading, and which ones indicate not enough of a challenge, at that distance for differentials? I’m thinking the 20/50 one, since it seemed like the same font size as standard computer font size. Any tips overall on what to do at the office to get the right closeup prescription?