Manuel Molina
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Hello Jake,

It’s been a couple of weeks with my first differentials. It doesn’t feel weird to wear them anymore. However, I’ve noticed that with those, as well as with my regular ones, I still can’t see very well up close. My cm measurements are close to 27 with those glasses, and at 50 cm (comfortable distance) it’s the same story: I can read the letters, but I can’t see them very clearly. I took those measurements at night, though, so in reality they could be a bit higher.

I’ve tried to get at least 30 min of outdoor time everyday the past couple of weeks. More than that and I get physically tired, wanting to go home.

I just realized the return period for them expires tomorrow, so what should I do? I could return them, get a different prescription that give me just enough of a blur challenge to learn and practice active focus, sell them online at a lower price if possible, or keep them for future reductions in differentials. I’m also tempted to go to the optometrist to see what those “computer glasses” are about. I feel lost in terms of prescriptions because of my astigmatism, and the fact that even though I measured to the best of my ability, my prescriptions don’t let me see well.