Jake S.
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Ghosting: https://endmyopia.org/astigmatic-cylinder-blur-vs-myopic-spherical-blur/

A clear image and a fuzzy one offset from it.

If it’s not an issue, no need for cylinder. It’s only if it stops you from doing active focus or is persistent and annoying, can’t be cleared up. Otherwise best to leave out the cylinder. For centimeter to measure myopia, yes the myopic blur (non-directional) is what you want. Great to have added some cylinder, easiest way to tell for sure whether you need it. Not clearer image, and uncomfortable = don’t want or need it then.

Once you have differentials 100% sorted and comfortable, about 1.25 diopters more for normalized usually works. A lot of what makes the program work though is the timing and details of when to introduce what. Great you’re still working on it!