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Hello my eyeguru..today im not in a very good state ..its my 3rd day of wearing my first normalised and it feels like i am not able to properly open my eyes in these new glasses and like there is no proper conjunction between both the eyes.. I have kept the axis same and reduced 0.5 in cylindricals in each eye keeping cylinder same as differentials

Also im feeling dizzy now as i wore differentials immediately after coming to office for closeup and was wearing normalised while driving

QUESTION – should I change normalised or wait for somedays to feel normal?

FACTS- Full prescription Left sph -8, cyl -3, axis 100, Right sph -7, cyl -3, axis 80
Normalised left sph -7.5, cyl -2.5 , axis 100 , Right sph -6.75, cyl -2.5, axis 80

Question – While practicing distance vision in terrace i usually dont wear glasses in that 1 hour… Will it help or do no good as its just all blur….OR should I wear normalised in most of the time in this & just little time with no glass
Because I dont feel active focus with normalised…Its like i cant see the sign boards from far and can see them when I move closer..So I cant really find that blur in distance time unlike closeup..It like i see clear or its too blur..its same with both full prescription and normalised

In short finding difficulty in distance active focus:-( Please help

-Your student