Manuel Molina
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Hello Jake,

My first differentials arrived today. I did a zero diopter reset like you told me to. I only started wearing this new pair at around 4:00 PM, and no glasses before that. I noticed that text is still blurry on my computer, and also it feels weird to look through these glasses. My centimeter for both eyes went down to about 17-18, and my cm with my new differentials was 31 cm for both eyes. Similar results with my previous glasses. That being said, I didn’t spend time outside today and didn’t use glasses until the afternoon, so that could be partly why. Also, I made these measurements during the late afternoon. Is this normal once you put them on for the first time/day? Should I just give them some time and let my eyes adjust to the new prescription? I haven’t had new glasses in a while, and my experience today makes me question if I chose the right prescription.