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I’m gonna get a test lens kit. I’ve tried talking about reduced prescription with two different optometrists and even though they’re willing to show me what I ask for the references are completely different so it’s not good enough. I need to have my regular at-home references to dial it in. My own snellen, TV-subtitles etc.

I found an old pair of -2.00x-0.25 left, -2.00x-1.00 right. I can read 20/15 with some effort and left vs right is pretty balanced so I think that’s a good place to start.
For the diffs I thought I was using -1.00 but it turned out I was using -1.25. I keep the screen at 100cm so my norms vs diffs gap is small. I have some -1.50s with -0.75 right eye CYL that reduce the right eye ghosting by about 70%. Hopefully that will be enough for my brain to solve the rest given some time. The spherical may be a bit on the strong side but I’ve ordered -1.25x-0.75 so I’ll make that the first reduction at a later point.

Thanks for your help! Much appreciated as always.