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I’d have to order a new pair of glasses to try just a CYL increase. Money isnt an issue so I’ll do that if that’s what you recommend. I’ll get a test lens kit too if need.

I’ve booked a vision test at an optometrist tomorrow. That could help decide how much CYL to get.

Btw, I went through the stepwise increase approach at the end of 2020 without solving the problem, however I did go SPH first that time.
From -2.00 to -2.25, waited a month
then -2.50, waited a month
then -2.50x-0.75, waited a month
then -2.75x-1.00, waited three months
I was overcorrected at that point and lost some DTB with only minor improvement in ghosting. That’s when I decided to abandon the DIY-approach and get advice from the bearded sage.
After consulting you I went back to focusing on SPH-reductions, which I did all through 2021 and made it to -1.75.

I think my issues go all the way back to my first normalized. I’d learned that 100/DTB -0.25 might be a good place to start. I’d also read that if you have -0.75 CYL or less you can probably just drop it (I was at -0.75 in the contact lenses at the time). What I hadnt picked up was that doing a big SPH drop and a big CYL drop at the same time is a bad idea, so I dropped 1.25SPH and 0.75CYL in one go. Been trying to sort out ghosting ever since but because it’s only visible in low light conditions I’ve intermittently concluded it’s not a problem before changing my mind when daylight dwindles in the fall. At this point Im even willing to restart the whole EM-process by wearing full optometrist prescription for a while before doing non-aggressive reductions every 4 months.