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To get my differential prescription, I’ll start from my centimeter measurements to get my distance prescription then add 1.5. (I know I don’t have to get the distance prescription just yet, it’s just to arrive at the differential prescription)

–> If you did that you’d figure out distance then SUBTRACT 1.5 diopters. Also though use what you have for diopters, instead of going that far out into a guess.

What you said:

My current prescription is as follows:
Sphere Cylindrical Axis
Right eye: -1.25. -1.75. 176
Left eye: -1.75. -2.25. 005

Afternoon: left eye 53.9, right eye 48.9
Evening: left eye 36.8, right eye 37.3

But then you’re going up half diopter in spherical. Which … definitely since the first one is a guess, might also work.

SPH 2.00 – CYL 1.25
SPH 2.50 – CYL 1.75