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I dont have a test lens kit but I have a lot of glasses with and without cyl and some plus lense. Putting glasses on top of glasses I can create most combinations. Optometrist perscription 13 months ago was 3.0×0.5 2.75×1.50

The closest thing I have is 2.50×0.50 2.50×1.25. With them the TV subtitles are pretty much perfect and crystal crystal clear.
I can also read two lines below 20/20.
Adding a +1.00 plus lens on top I can still read 20/20 (barely) but the TV has almost as much ghosting as -1.75 clean.

Seems like SPH alone wont get completely rid of right eye ghosting. A small amount of right eye ghosting remains on a clean perscription even at -4.00, which I tested by putting -2.25 and -1.75 on top of each other.

Went for a quick walk outside looking at neon lights
With -2.50clean the world is crystal clear but there’s horizontal ghosting on neon signs.
With 2.50×0.50 2.50×1.25 it’s perfect.

Seems like the vertical ghosting gets reduced by SPH increase but the horizontal ghosting needs CYL as well, at least in the right eye.

I’ll book an optometrist checkup. Im due one anyway to track the “official” changes once per year. My guess is he’ll put me at about 2.75×0.50 2.50×1.25

To answer your question:
Yes, I can get rid of the ghosting but I need to go into the better than 20/15 territory and add back CYL.