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why I’m asking about sunglasses is that I started wearing them on sunny summer days around 15 yrs ago
then, I expanded wearing period to late spring – early autumn around 5 yrs ago and occasionally in sunny winter days
and, for the last year or to I’ve found myself wearing them almost year-round. And I thought to myself – is it right, to wear strong sunglasses year-round? (I’m not myopic)

And then I’ve seen in one of your lessons that it’s fine to expose eyes to shaded sunlight. So, I started doing this most of the time for the last month and have found out that I stopped squinting after a week or so.

And now I’m curious, should I wear them when it’s not a bright sunny summer day? Any advice on depending on what conditions should I decide on this?

as for the ophthalmologist – she seems to be great. She was the first who answered my “how can we get back to 100% eyesight for my son” with “dig PubMed” (well, she thought that I’ll only find prooves on “myopia is irreversible”)

Do I have some kind of limit on amount of question asked in a single day?

I asked this question yesterday and it doesn’t appear in the list of my questions and it seems you didn’t receive it too. You’re awesome at replying within 24 hrs and I can’t think you saw it and dismissed it 🙂