Jake S.
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What if I eliminate his close-up use almost at all via using a big screen (diagonal of 40-45 inches) and arrange a distance to the screen of around 1.7-2.2 meters?
Will eliminate the need for differential glasses?

Sure that works. Also kids aren’t great at dealing with multiple glasses ….

As for the optometrist, maybe an option to buy online? Also while many like to imagine themselves as all important guardians of clear curved pieces of plastic, they’re a business, you’re the customer. It seems a few of them remember this, and along with a good explanation (“distance glasses, meant for seeing clear super far away, give me headaches during screen time”), might be willing to accommodate.

But remember, they cost about $3 wholesale. So whatever they charge you, is mostly profit. They should either be super nice and helpful for all that money, or somewhere online might help.