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Jake S.
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Any recommendations or guidance in any direction? Apologies for being so long and, well, difficult.

This is what I’m here for, and also long means more detail, so that’s always good.

Is an optometrist review an option? The pro gear can be pretty handy for cylinder and axis.

Otherwise, how is the previous correction, how long did you wear that, how is that at max distance as far as any ghosting, double vision?

Very generally speaking, the axis doesn’t change. If it appears to, mostly a sign that the visual cortex is trying to compensate and doing its job. Especially at that point we don’t want to mess with axis. Always a good idea to have data points and see what’s going on especially if we left out cylinder for an extended period. Unfortunately all the simplified tools aren’t super accurate so either using the old glasses as reference or checking in with a lens seller can be at least a useful additional bit of data.

Also if posts still don’t show up (I checked, all your account settings look right), message me again over in the community forum. 🙂