Mithoo Antia
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DEar Jake,
Thanks! I’ve ordered them – the most difficult thing was finding a suitable frame in Zenni. Today I got a mail saying they have dispatched them already!
I’ve got to the lesson about Voluntary Muscle Control.
I have started talking to my brain in the morning (ha ha) while without/with spectacles and during the day when I take them off/put them back on; sometimes even loud, encouraging it to see without nose attachments(NA) Relax without NA, see with NA, what’s this about, you can learn to manage the seeing better, come on, come on, etc etc. This is rather fun……..
I have a trampoline and always jumped without NAs, now I jump a bit without, and a bit with. Morning exercise on the jump.
I’ve gotten really tired of measuring. The days are longer and darker now, and I have been using the diffs for over two months, so the measurements feel none too exciting. Either I’m regressing, but the outside landmark doesn’t say so, or I’m more sensitive to where the blur starts, so I decided to take a break until the normalised turn up. Maybe the measuremnts will become a little more encouraging when I can AF outside.
I have also begun to feel what happens inside my eyes when I read and when I look in the distance. I can’t explain very well, close up it’s like going inwards, OD goes left, OS goes right, distance is more outward like OD going right and OS going left. I feel it more in the upper half of the eyeball.