Improve Your Eyesight – Distance, Up-Close, After LASIK and much more

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Note that all courses are optional. I spend a great deal of time making everything you need available for free. ❤️ I’ve written over 1,200 articles and made lots of videos, and we have a large and supportive online community.  If a course you’re looking for is full, e-mail me (include diopter details and goals) for a spot on the waitlist.

Reduce Diopter Dependence

Free:  The 7-Day E-Mail Guide 
This is the best place to start.  DIY or structure and support, do the free guide first.

  • 7 Days, 7 Lessons
  • Science, Biology, Studies, get your basic research with some help
  • Learn how to self-measure your eyesight and myopia
  • Interpret centimeter distance and eye strain
  • All the tools to get you started on your journey
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The Big Daddy: Get Back To20/20 (For Myopia)
The long running and incredibly successful program to get back to 20/20

  • 20+ Week Program To Put You On Track To Throw Away The Nerd Goggles
  • 84+ Structured Sessions For All You Need To Get Rid Of Myopia
  • Includes Text & Video Format Sessions
  • One-On-One Support With Jake
  • 60 Day Refund Guarantee

Child Myopia Control (Add-On)
For myopic parents working on their own myopia, and a myopic child

  • 6+ Week Child Program Sessions
  • Tailored To Complement The Adult Program With Child Specific Activities
  • Includes Text & Video Format Sessions
  • One-On-One Support With Jake
  • 60 Day Refund Guarantee


Mini Course:  Le Rough Guide
Start Here For All You Need To Use The Endmyopia Method

  • It’s the “rough guide”, framework of all the core concepts
  • 11 chapter guide with tons of links and explanations for myopia reversal
  • Compiled by forum members, from the blog how-to & videos
  • Perfect starting point to get a handle on your lens dependence
  • Includes the measuring guide course!
  • Includes option for BackTo20/20 invite and Jake support
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Mini Guides: Learn How To Measure Myopia
All You Need To Understand Diopters, Buy Glasses Online

  • Three part mini course to learn how to self-measure your myopia
  • Includes detailed explanation of centimeters, diopters, and eye charts
  • Video guide on myopia measuring basics
  • Learn how to quantify progress, know when to reduce your diopters
  • Includes diopter measuring tape & eye chart files (to print)


Prevent & Reverse Myopia Post LASIK
Had LASIK? Now back to needing glasses (or the dreaded ‘touch up’)?

  • 14 Week Program To Help Stop Myopia Recurrence
  • 40+ Structured Sessions On How To Reverse Post LASIK Myopia
  • Text & Video Sessions
  • One-On-One Support With Jake
  • 60 Day Refund Guarantee

The “Last Diopter”: Conquer Your Low Myopia