Replace Your Optometrist: Learn How To Measure Your Eyes

It is actually incredibly simple and requires no complicated equipment, tools, or training - just this simple course!  Now Included FREE With Le Rough Guide:

Stop Paying Hundreds Of Dollars For Glasses

Wholesale, lenses for glasses cost $2-$3.  You can buy them online and even with frames and a decent shopping experience, and shipping and delivery still be paying a fraction of what the retail lens seller tries to charge you - all while telling you about your mysterious 'genetic vision defect'.

The first step in getting your eyesight back, is knowing how to measure where you're at, today.  Empower yourself with this simple skill!

This simple gift to yourself will be a lifetime skill you will refer back to countless times in the future.  Well worth the short time it takes to familiarize yourself with measuring your eyesight!

Myopia Is Not Some Mysterious Genetic Condition

The whole lens seller boogeyman of "genetic condition" is the foundation for keeping you subscribed to cheap plastic lenses in front of your eyes.  Not understanding the cause, and not knowing how to buy your own glasses keeps you nice and locked into their never ending sales strategy of expensive glasses.

The lens sellers want you to be a permanent customer.  Not telling you how to measure your eyesight is key to how they sell you glasses.

It's sales strategy #1.  Keep you confused, make it seem complicated, so you think you actually need their fancy office for what is just a very simple measurement

Learn About Three Key Ways To Measure Your Eyesight

Centimeter Measurement

This one will directly translate into diopters and tell you the numbers you need for buying glasses.  So simple it almost boggles the wee mind.

Eye Chart Measurement

How are your current glasses working for you?  All you need is an eye chart to tell you.  And you should do this anyway, to keep an 'eye' on your vision.

Distant Landmark

Numbers, and more numbers.  What really matters is how well you can actually see.  This measurement strategy tells you exactly that.

You don't even need to pay for this guide.  You can definitely just piece this together from the site.  Though for a few bucks, you'll get all the tools you actually need - and help keep endmyopia going, too.


Pro Topic Video Guides

Included here is access to several pro topic video guides not available in our public YouTube channel.


Simple Text Lessons

Step by step, learn how to measure your eyesight.  I lay it all out so you'll be confident in no-time at all.


Print Charts & Measuring Tapes

I had custom charts made, and set up to fit various region-specific page sizes.  Same for measuring tapes, including my very own creation for directly measuring diopters.

Get The Guide, And Be Ready To Measure Right Away

If we added up all the hours it took me just to write the guides, make the videos, pay designers to make the eye charts and my awesome diopter measuring tape ... it'd possibly be a semi pricey courses.   After running it for a while on it's own I realized you're better off having the measuring guide and the rough guide all in one..

3 Simple Steps to...

Analyzing your vision and track changes over time.

Get More Tips On Getting The Most Out Of Your New Skill

Why is your vision poor in low light?  Where do you go from measuring, to actually buying glasses?  How do you quantify goals and strategies for improving eyesight?

I've added a collection of key topics and explainers to help get you started on going past the measuring phase, into actually getting started on working on your eyesight.

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All of my guides and courses are covered by no-questions money back guarantees.  Don't pay me if you're not 100% happy with the programs I provide.  It's always that simple.

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