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  • They tell you have some mysterious genetic condition.  Your eyesight keeps getting worse.
  • Instead though myopia is actually easily fixable, since it's just a refractive state.
  • To do this though, you'll have to learn a wee bit about biology and optics, how glasses work, and what stimulus is causing your eyes to actively get "worse" in the first place.  

Hi, I'm Jake Steiner.  You probably already know me as the guy who reversed his 5 diopter high myopia, and spent the last 20 years building the best possible system to help reverse your myopia as well.

Turns out people don't want 1,200+ DIY posts.  People want THE STEPS.   Endmyopia resembles a pile of boxes of notes, endless opportunities for nuggets of wisdom.  But what I keep getting, over and over and over, is ... Jake, just give me the steps.  THA STEEEEEPZZZ, JAAAAKE.  And when Google started censoring endmyopia for talking a bit too much about the 100 billion dollar mainstream lens selling industry, I figured that it's finally time to give the people what they want.

So here we have the first attempt at taking the 1,200+ pile of notes and disorganized information, and turning it into a bit of an organized guide.  Just the steps, to improving your eyesight.  Wishes do come true, darlings.

Le Rough Guide is created by our community forum members, sourced from over a thousand individual posts and entries on the site.

This is probably the most interesting part about this 11 chapter guide - the fact that while I, Jake Steiner, wrote all of the source material, the actual guide itself is written by people who read all the source material and picked out what they found most useful and actionable.

So you get a guide written by the people who improved their eyesight using my method, using my material, but only the parts they really needed.  Aka, THE STEPS.

Admittedly sometimes I'm a bit too close to the topic.  Having talked about this for 20 years, and tried endless things, and having dealt with many thousands of individuals, I sometimes miss where you may be at, just starting out.  So having a group of people who actually just used my system to improve their eyesight telling you what helped them the most, is really the magic ingredient of this guide.

You Want The Steps, And You'll Get Exactly What You're Looking For:  The Guide To Tuning Your Eyesight (Back To 20/20)

Because of course your eyes aren't sick or broken.  Think of them as being "out of tune" mainly because of the fake focal planes (glasses), a bit too much uncontrolled strain they're exposed to daily.

This Is How Tens Of Thousands Of People Have Been Reducing Their Myopia

As I'm writing this, I feel weird.  I don't want to sell you something.  But I do want to emphatically relate that the thing I was looking for (when I had coke bottles glasses), and what you're looking for now, is actually what you will find right here.  

I spent a lot of years trying to figure out my eyesight.  High myopia sucks, being handicapped by lacking eyesight sucks, having to compromise on sports, outdoor adventures, even simple things like going to the beach with friends, sucks.  And being run round and round by Bates Method and eye exercises and unicorn farming online, really sucks.

Back when I started, there was no Google Scholar, and no serious Internet.  It was all about sleuthing around libraries and reading biology books.  It took a shocking amount of time to even find clues, nevermind actual answers.  Think of that journey back then as the world's largest (and most annoying) puzzle.

This is why I get a bit emphatic and frivolous with the adjectives, when describing our approach.  Because I've been there.  And I get a million e-mails from people just like yourself, who've tried the eye exercises and the eye vitamins, and the dismissive lectures from optometrists.  This is why I do this, because f*ck (pardon the language) all the lies and deceits and making money off symptom treatments and nonsense.  

Stop Being "Sold" Solutions (That Don't Address The Problem)

Everybody starts out with the 'treatment'.   "Oh, you need glasses."  "Oh, try LASIK."  "How about these eye drops or these multi-thousand dollar myopia slowing contact lenses."  "Want to go unicorn farming?  How about these eye exercises and eye vitamins?"  

Let's stop with all that.  You want to start out with understanding the problem, and then finding a solution addressing causality.

Why are your eyes "bad"?  Is it 

genetics or just the wrong signals?

Start finding answers in science and

biology that make sense.

Use evidence based approaches and quantifying progress to reduce myopia.

There Is No Quick Fix (But Steps, There Are)

  • You will have to put in some work.  Yes sure we can skip some of the thousand posts (or quite a few of them).  But you still will want to know what is actually going on with your eyes.
  • Think of it as an investment.  Put in the time up-front to understand the biology basics and the optics properties of lenses.  Never again be confused, lost, or bamboozled by lens-sales trickery or any wishful Internet unicorn farming.  
  • And skip all the countless hours of DIY, trying to reinvent the wheel.  Yes, it's no longer the everything-free mentality.  But in exchange for some of your resources, you'll save hundreds (or even many hundreds) of hours researching, experimenting, troubleshooting, and fixing mistakes in your approach.  Go straight to the thing that worked for so many others before you.

Enough Talk.  Let's Get To The Guide (Tha Stepzzz, Jake!) That You've Come Here For.

Hopefully I set your expectations properly here so far.  Yes, awesome solution.  Yes, two decades of work, and tens of thousands of people's collective experiments and trials and errors and yes all of that purported awesomeness.  But also, you'll have to put your feet up on that couch, furrow your brows, and do some reading.  And assembling.  

I'm not sending you to med school.   Or even optometry school.  Or even making you read through advanced vision biology and optics.  But I will explain to you all the why's and how's of the steps.  I want you to understand why these things work, and how they work.  So that way whenever invariably you'll get stuck somewhere, you'll be able to figure out what happened, and how to correct it.  Remember, this is biology we're talking about.  It's not always a simple one-size-fits-all, everytime-the-same, scenario.

I Want You To Become Your Own Eyesight Expert

Yes it's a bit more work up front.  But you'll thank me later, when you're not left scratching your head trying to figure out where to find answers.

Also, those 1,200+ posts on endmyopia?  After this guide you'll know how to search the site, and find any answers that may not have been covered in the guide.  You'll be your own biology ninja!

You often hear me rant about the big issues of this generation.  Instant gratification.  No effort.  Everything is expected to be immediate and easy.  Consumption rules, nobody wants to put in the work.  Well ... this guide makes you looking like a wizard of biology and optics easier than anyone would believe.  Remember, we're compressing decades of experience into an 11 chapter guide.  This is pretty hardcore.  

Shut Your Mouth Jake, You're Thinking

Let's Just Have It:  Le Rough Guide

Silly names for a very powerful (some may say .. life changing?) solution.  Le Rough Guide to a thousand page tome of knowledge and insights, an 11 chapter shortcut, the .... stepppzzz.

First there was nothing.  Just ole Jake and biology books.  Eventually there was faint light at the end of the tunnel.  Jake improving his eyesight.  Fast forward to hundreds, then thousands of people doing it.  Then guides and how-to's being written.  Eventually too many to want to dig through.  Then, a group of heroic forum members convene and decide to write the ultimate guide to navigate you through endmyopia. 

  1. 1
    11 Chapters Of Core 20/20 Gains Steps: Not so much that it's overwhelming, but dense enough to really get you on the road to ditching those glasses.
  2. 2
    Actual gains.  You'll have the tools to start genuinely reducing those diopters, as often as every 3-4 for months.
  3. 3
    Less and less and less diopters: The higher the diopter, the crappier the image you're feeding into your visual cortex.  Smaller image, distortion, color fringing, no usable peripheral vision.  As you lower the diopters, your experience of vision continually increases in quality.  

If you were to print out Le Rough Guide ...

It'd actually not be quite that many pages, don't worry.  That includes print-outs of all the various links and related posts and things you may (or may not) end up referencing.  

All you need is the core 11 chapters, the rest is entirely free (and up to you).

Here's Some First Hand Accounts Of RESULTS

If you are in our Facebook group, you've probably already seen hundreds of these.

And equally me gloating about it on the site.

But let's take this opportunity ...

.... to gloat some more.

Does it ever get old?

Nope.  Not if you're awesome, it doesn't.

Realistically though, being on this page you already know of all of this.

So Let's Get That Guide, Shall We?

From your favorite old imaginarily bearded eye guru, genuinely passionate and less motivated by money, and not using this to fund his fancy lifestyle.  I want you to get results, and I want others to be able to find and use these resources as well.

So help me help you (barf!) and also help others by funding the further development and exposure of endmyopia as a resource.   For less than the cost of a pair of glasses, you'll be well on your way.

And make all the 20/20 gains in the process!

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A huge part of ongoing success is just not doing this by yourself.  Check in once in a while, see what people are up to, ask questions, make this project feel exciting and part of a community effort.

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And I do keep making more.  

A Real Solution For Less Than A Pair Of Glasses 

How many hundreds of dollars do they try to charge you at the optic shop, anyway?  

And let's not even compare anything to the cost of LASIK, and how you'd have permanent lenses laser sliced into your eyes for life.  With strongly possible side effects that'll be irreversible, and you'll probably need glasses again a few years later, regardless.  Sure that could just be justifying a price, but mostly I want you to have some context when you're buying symptom treatments, vs. actionable answers to a fixable problem.

Let's Look At Some Of Our Hundreds Of Reviews, From TrustPilot:

Lots more reviews about us on Trustpilot (even though I'm not all that great about asking participants for reviews).

Remember to leave your own review one day, after you made some great gains!

Jake Steiner

Creator of endmyopia

About the Old Beardly Sage (aka Jakey)

Jake is a terrible person from the world of finance and in desperate need of karma points.  Teaching better eyesight and advocating for experiencing life rather than watching it on a screen,  hopefully making for some better karma.

And while you probably know me for a lot of rants and dubious sarcasm, I really do want a more rewarding life for all of us.  A life not lived behind silly and pointless glasses.

Do You Actually Need Better Real Eyesight?

This is the real sticking point.  If all you're going to do is throw some money at the screen, buy the guide and then let it sit in the virtual drawer, then what's the point.  First question should be, what are you going to do with better eyesight?  New hobbies?  Things you would love to do, but glasses wouldn't let you?  Take stock of how you spend your free time, maybe revise some of the bad and useless (content consuming) habits?

Because you're only going to do all this if you have a proper reason to.  Take this from me, a guy who's watched tens of thousands of people improve their eyesight.  Most successful are always those who want or need their eyes, or have a bigger plan for what they'll do with 20/20 vision.

Think About The Time This Will Take

This isn't Instagram life.  This is real.  You'll actually have to sit down and learn things, and measure your eyesight, and look at how possibly bad your current work setup is, how much strain you're unnecessarily exposing yourself to.  Will you make that time?

Yes sure, you can get through the whole guide in a weekend.  But will you apply it?  Will you be making the choices and changes of a person who doesn't need glasses?

Glasses, LASIK, etc ... vs. endmyopia

What's your state of mind?  Quick fix or self improvement?  Consumption or creation?  Starting out here, literally changing how you see the world around you, or continue trusting the vendors of shitty quick fix products to keep you in a forever-subscription to your own eyesight?

endmyopia Pro's

  • Understanding your eyes, from basic biology to how optics work.
  • Being able to assess strain, stimulus, good habits vs. bad ones.
  • No longer passively seeing things.  Consciously taking part in the experience.
  • Month by month reducing your diopter dependence.
  • Eyesight that will be excellent for life.

endmyopia Con's

  • It'll take time.  You'll have to learn and apply things.
  • You may experience setbacks and challenges.  Biology is always a bit of a puzzle.
  • You might never use your distance vision for anything more than driving to work.
  • Success is determined by action, not products (like glasses).

The 11 Chapters Of Le Rough Guide

  • How To Approach Myopia Reversal
  • The Scientific Basis
  • Defining Habits:  Good vs. Bad
  • The Correct Differential Glasses
  • Finding Active Focus
  • How To Maximize Progress
  • Getting Your First Normalized
  • When To Reduce Diopters Correctly
  • Fixing Double/Misaligned Vision
  • Reducing Low Myopia
  • Troubleshooting Help
  • Plus Over 30 Pro Topic Videos!

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P.S.: If you want more 1) structure (84+ individual lessons) and 2) one-on-one support with me directly, check out the full BackTo20/20 program.  It's a few steps beyond the Rough Guide in terms of a structured approach - if you are serious about reversing your myopia and want the most detailed system to do it, it's worth checking out:  

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