The Long Anticipated Last Diopter Course Is Finally Here

You Made It To Almost Glasses Free.  Almost.

If You’re Having A Hard Time Getting Past The Last Diopter, Keep Reading.

Reducing myopia and lens dependence isn’t that hard.  Sure it has a learning curve and you’ll have to figure things out.  For the most part though, it’s a straightforward process in most cases.

Till you get to the last diopter.

That‘s where things aren’t as simple, for some.  Yes, the same principles apply.  Outdoor time.  Active focus.  Limit screen time.  Patience.  Often enough that’s all you need to eventually get past the past diopter to real 20/20 eyesight without any need for corrective lenses.  

Often but not always.  And if you are STILL wearing glasses between -1 diopters and -1.50 diopters*  then this course might be the just thing you need.

* If you’re over -1.50 diopters, or have presbyopia, this isn’t the course for you.  This course is very specifically designed for one scenario, and one scenario only.  You’re dealing with very low myopia.  You don’t have any other eyesight related issues.  We’re not dealing with astigmatism (ghosting without cylinder correction), we’re not dealing with presbyopia, we’re not dealing with multiple diopters here.  This will only work if you have simple, “last diopter” low myopia.

Think of this as a specialty program (which it is).  Unlike BackTo20/20, which works for a wide range of myopia scenarios, this course is highly tailored to solve one problem, and one problem only - the pesky last diopter.

The Secret To This Course:  You’re Lacking Stimulus To Get You Past The Last Diopter, And Out Of Glasses

You don’t actually need to pay for this course.  I will just tell you, like the headline above already says - you’re missing stimulus at the last diopter range, especially if you have a lot of close-up time, and some ongoing not totally ideal smartphone habits.

And no, I’m not going to tell you that you need to get rid of that phone or quit your job.  The last diopter is fixable, while having screens in your life.

How do you get that additional stimulus?  I’ll give that away too:  Plus lens use.  That’s why this approach won’t work for those with presbyopia, and also why it’s a course rather than just the usual freebie approach.  Because there’s plenty that can go wrong when adding plus lenses to the mix.

You Heard Me Talking About It Before: Plus Lenses Can Be A Great Tool

Unfortunately though, they require a delicate touch.  It took me literally years, and experimenting with hundreds of participants, to figure out how to get plus lenses to work, without all the frustrating side effects you likely read about before online.  No scare tactic here - if you just want to throw on some reading glasses and see how that works out, I’m not here to stop you (but also, I wouldn’t suggest it).

The Proverbial Devil In The Proverbial Details:  What, When, How Much.

If you’re a member of our (free) forum, you likely already know this:  The last diopter course has been the mythical unicorn that has been rumored to exist, for a number of years.  

Rumored because I’ve admitted it, but I’ve also endlessly said that I’m not ready to release it.  I can’t put something out that doesn’t work consistently.  And all approaches using plus lenses always failed at some point, especially when we tried to apply one way to everyone.  It was vexing for the longest time.  And to be perfectly honestly, even I myself took the long route and didn’t use plus lenses for my own last diopter - though at the expense of taking years longer to get to 20/20.

It turns out that I could have saved years if I had known how to ‘dose’ my stimulus for the last diopter.

And this is why I’m not giving it away - out of all the things I ever had to figure out about myopia reversal, this took the most time and tweaking.  And even now you and I may nave to talk sometimes to make sure your plus lens use will work for your specific case.

Remember that I have over 1,500+ instructional guides for free, on the site.  Including a whole low myopia section.  In general my approach is to share resources, especially if doing so doesn’t require me to spend time.  1,500+ guides, many videos, a large Facebook group, forum, lots of tools are entirely free for your use.

And You Only Need This Course, If You’re ”Stuck”

I made it past the last diopter without a course.  Many others have as well.  I’m not holding the last diopter hostage.  I told you above that it’s usually a stimulus problem.  You can very possibly figure it out yourself, given enough time and and trial and error.

Use this course if your time is too valuable for long experiments.

Use this course if you want to be able to get direct feedback from me.

If you’ve been stuck at the last diopter, and you want maximum stimulus directions, use this course.

I Did All The Research And Testing, So You Don’t Have To.

  • Yes, we we will get into plus lens use.  It’s something I genuinely don’t recommend to do without a careful plan and knowing the signs of when you don’t want to be in ”plus mode”.
  • The #1 mistake most people make, is overdoing things.  There is so often this assumption that just forcing things will somehow make it better.  Or that there is some shortcut.  The site, forum, and Facebook group is littered with stories of “oops, that wasn’t wise”.
  • If it was simple, there wouldn’t be as many stories of great gains, and struggles at the last diopter.  And honestly, I sort of didn’t really want to put my hand up (yet again) with a solution for this one.  The last diopter is tricky.  And tricky means more tweaking, more support from me, more risk that people will go “Jake, you said this will work” - and it needs to.

Worth It:  The Full Last Diopter Roadmap To Get You Out Of Glasses For Good

I’ll say this:  Don’t go buy this course if you just made it to the last diopter range.  Or if you’re just finding EndMyopia.  Take the time and see if you can figure it out with just the tools on the site.  It may be easy for you, if you have some good distance vision habits and hobbies, and not much screen time.

I want you to buy this course only if you’re stuck at the last diopter, and you’re in a place to fully appreciate this roadmap.  If you’re hesitant, if you’re thinking “ehh, maybe”, then truly, don’t buy this course.  I’m not in urgent need of money, and if you’re not in definite need of a solution, there’s no need to splash out for this one.  No need to hard sell you on this.

Buy this course only if you’re sure you need it.

It’s not exactly cheap.  Compared to the Rough Guide, or even BackTo20/20, this is obviously more of a “speciality” program.  Meant to be used only if the conventional stimulus and strain management approach aren’t enough for you.

And if you’re new(-ish) here, do take a moment and look back at how long this resource existed without this specific course.  Literally, decades.  This isn’t some afterthought add-on or up sell or thrown together list of basic tropes. 

You may even see some of the old threads in the forum, where I literally say that “eventually, one day, we may have this course”.   It took me a long time to get here, to this point, where I’m comfortable enough to say, yes you can buy it because yes, it will work for you.  

Let’s Fix Your Low Myopia

Here it is: The Last Diopter Course

Packaged into easily applied individual sessions to get you through each step of applying stimulus, building a habit, and seeing real progress with your low myopia.

This will work with your 9-5 job in front of a computer, it will work if you have a bit of a smartphone habit, it will work while being busy and without having to make any major sacrifice to your existing lifestyle.

  1. 1
    Step-by-step guide to which diopters to use when, for how long, and how to tell when you need to change for maximum effect.
  2. 2
    Working solutions whether you use contact lenses, glasses, or even if you don’t use correction at all in most scenarios.
  3. 3
    Zero guess implementation of plus lenses without having to worry about all the side effect stories in the forum or the Internet in general.

A Few Rules:  Must be 25 or older to participate.  
No Hong Kong residents, sorry.  
Payment method must be in your own name.

7 Payments

Easy monthly payments for the full course.




  • Full Last Diopter Course
  • Support with Jake
  • Get Out Of Glasses For Good
  • 2 Years Access
  • 60 Day Refund Guarantee
+ Zoom Chats

Course + 6 Zoom Chats




  • Full Last Diopter Course
  • Support with Jake
  • Out Of Glasses For Good
  • Lifetime Access 
  • 6 Zoom Chats With Jake

Pay in Bitcoin, get 20% off any course.  
(e-mail me for BTC address)

Available by request only.  Since this is a specialty course, I only have it available by request.  Please send a detailed message including your current diopters.  I do this course a few times per year, so there may be some wait time (if spaces are still available).

Jake Steiner

Zoom Chat with Jake

One-On-One Video Chat Included

This is the ONLY course that includes a live video chat with me.  I know no better way than to get to the bottom of nagging last diopter challenges, than talking through your day-to-day, diopter use, habits, and me explaining trick and tools for the last diopter.

The course will first include a series of sessions to establish your baseline.  Everything from ciliary spasm to ghosting / double vision, regular lens use, habits, hobbies to better understand your current scenario.

Then we'll have a chat about how that whole picture fits into reversing the last diopter, which you will then put into action throughout the following sessions of the course.

Note:  Basic course includes one Zoom chat. The option for six zoom chats, as available (limited spaces).

What About Time Required To Be Successful At Beating The Last Diopter?

The course is built on a series of sessions, set to release at the correct intervals for when you should take action.

This is a highly flexible approach and will work with your own lifestyle and schedule.  As long as you do at least one session per week, you will get the desired results.  As you hopefully already know, the last diopter is a bit of a project and will likely take at least one to one and a half years (in most cases) to reasonably resolve.   You will only need the 40+ sessions in this course and some habit adjustments, along with some time for the stimulus to do its job.

And every step of the way you have direct access to me via the support forum.  I check daily and answer all of your questions myself.

Make Sure You Fit The Basic Qualifications Before Starting

Remember:  No presbyopia, no astigmatism (above half diopter for distance, ideally no cylinder needed and no ghosting present).  No other vision issues - we never deal with medical issues, and this course is only intended for simple, straight low “last diopter” myopia.

If you’re not sure, please do contact me before signing up.  

DIY vs. Last Diopter Course

Also remember what I said previously about using this course only if you’re really sure you need it. Plenty of people are able to get to 20/20 with just the DIY approach or the basic BackTo20/20 course.  This is a speciality program built for a very specific purpose:  Challenging Last Diopter cases.

Last Diopter Course

  • You already got through multiple diopters. 
  • You only have simple, low myopia, -1.50 D or less.
  • You have no other vision related issues.
  • You already tried to solve the last diopter by yourself.
  • You’re not causing yourself financial stress.

DIY / Other Courses

  • You’re over -1.50 diopters.
  • You have astigmatism / presbyopia / other concerns.
  • You haven’t tried the free resources (or completed other courses) yet.
  • You’re just thinking of “trying this out”.
  • This course would be super expensive / add to credit card debt.

Become The Eye Detective: Creating A Complete Journal Of Your Vision And 'Life Review'

You get the option to go fully deep on this one.  We will  dig in and create a daily journal to review every aspect of your eyesight - and lifestyle as well.  Don't worry, this can be your entirely private experience (or share with me in our video chat).  This will include a fair bit of what can hold back your vision in a simple strain /stimulus sense.  Also though we'll get entirely into what is making your life great and exciting, and where perhaps you may have been letting yourself down on getting the full potential out of this limited time experience (that is our lives).  

Of course I can help with all the basic structural aspects of vision improvements.  I can also offer thoughts and ideas on how to get your state of mind to a 20/20 place.  Remember, I used to be a boring finance guy and since discovered paragliding, kitesurfing, flying ultralight aircraft, many years of vagabonding around the world, and getting into all sorts of creative trouble.  I know all about 'getting stuck in the daily grind' and forgetting about what life can, and maybe should be.

We'll include everything in the vision journal and review what is holding you back from 20/20 eyesight.  You don't have to get all philosophical and lifestyle-review, though many have said that this aspect of the program has been some of the most fun and instructive.  You're welcome to take advantage of the insights of the guy who left a lot of the 'boring life' behind, and I have plenty of thoughts to share on the practical aspects of really going 20/20 on all aspects of our limited time here in the world.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Here’s the thing:  If you’re not completely happy with spending money and supporting a great resource (ie. if it doesn’t live up to your expectations), then I definitely shouldn’t take your money.

So.  If you’re not happy for any reason at all, you let me know, and I’ll refund your money.  Super simple.  Just make sure it’s within 60 days so we can process a refund and also working with a reasonable time frame to explore the program and your progress.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get The Lessons?

How Many Lessons Are There?

What If I Need More Help?  My Situation is Confusing!

Can I Reach You Directly?

The Course Buttons Says “Currently Full”.  What Can I Do?

I’m under 25 / don’t have my own card / live in HK.  Can I Still Sign Up?

P.S.: This is a semi-serious project and adventure for your eyesight.  It is entirely possible that you get pulled into a rabbit hole of re-evaluating screen addictions, life, outdoor hobbies, priorities, and generally potentially getting a sense that there’s more to life than glasses and staring at content.  This might not be you at all, but then again ... not needing glasses anymore has had far reaching effects for more than a few participants over the years. 

Enjoy this process with all the due caution and open mind it deserves, this might be the first time in a long time that you can see the world as it is, and not from behind a pair of plastic lenses.

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