Last Diopter Course Request Form

Advanced BackTo20/20 Courses: Request Form

Note that I only take new participants for this course 3 times per year.  Getting into the course is contingent on a quick conversation first, to determine whether this course is a good fit for your case. Course fee is USD $2,300.  

Next start date:  April 2023

Pre-registration now open.

1) Course Contents: The general course setup is similar to the BackTo20/20 course:

  • 14 Week Program, Lifetime Access
  • 40 Structured Sessions (20 Minutes Per Session)
  • Includes Text & Video Format Sessions
  • 200+ Pro Topic Videos
  • Member-Only Shortsighted Podcast Episodes
  • Includes Rough Guide & Measuring Guide
  • Optional: Child Program Add-On At No Charge
  • Exclusive Member Support Forum (10,000+ Answered Threads)
  • One-On-One Support With Jake
  • Community Forum Membership
  • 60 Day Refund Guarantee

2) Still Experimental: Unlike BackTo20/20 which I’ve been running over eight years now, the Last Diopter Course is just turning two years old – which makes it still experimental.

Especially the last diopter really depends a great deal on having good distance vision habits (hobbies ideally), and managing phone screen use.

3) Limited Seats: Since newer courses tend to require more support and I still make more tweaks, I prefer a small number of participants. Remember I do most of everything here by myself.

4) Candidate Screening: I want to make sure your particular individual scenario and goals fit in with what the Last Diopter Course is designed to work for. Hence some questions below to help me assess whether you’re likely to have a good experience with this course.

Note that it may take me up to a week to respond, as I get a lot of inquiries.

Chat soon!

Please fill in all fields in the form below:

Check screen log time. Include phone use as well as work / computer use.

We do not offer medical advice. If you have symptoms or concerns, please visit a hospital or ophthalmologist.

Please add any potentially relevant notes about your goals and current challenges here.

Anything I can help answer, please note here.