Market Research Firm Assures Patients: 

“…even if LASIK permanently damages your eyes, it rarely causes you to lose your ‘best’ vision.”

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Hey there,

I don’t want to turn this into another rant (you can read plenty of those on the blog), but I wanted to share this with you.

Yes, that comment in the headline is real. I didn’t make it up. The full paragraph reads like this:

However, this revolutionary technique has a minor downside that is, its technical complexity. Which sometimes presents challenges to the doctors performing this surgery, while creating the flap. This can result in to damaging the vision permanently. But the good news is LASIK can rarely cause loss of “best” vision.

Minor downside? Damaging vision permanently?

But oh, there’s good news! You probably won’t have your “best” vision affected (whatever that means).

And yet, if you weigh up the pros and cons of LASIK and make an educated decision not go ahead, you get called a “coward”…

When I see asininely smug comments that “ho-hum” the damage LASIK surgery can cause in some medical market research report, my blood boils.

These are your EYES they’re talking about. If something goes wrong, they don’t fix themselves. The surgeon can’t do a “whoopsie!” and then just tell you to rest up for a week or two.

Of course, I get why people take these crazy risks. Gradually losing your eyesight to the insidious creep of myopia, getting prescribed thicker and thicker lenses while dealing with the blurred vision, squinting, headaches and eye strain is scary.

But you know you don’t have to take those risks to get your eyes moving back towards healthy, 20/20 vision.

That’s what this page — and the BackTo20/20 program — is all about.

And in that context, the burning question most people have is simply this:

What Does BackTo20/20 Do For My Eyes?

After running BackTo20/20 for years, here’s what we’ve measured as a rough “baseline”:

Many of the folk who join get about a 20% diopter reduction in the first 90 days, and then about 0.75 diopters each year after.

(Everyone’s different, so naturally there’s no 100% guarantee… however, I’ll talk about that later on.)

Keeping that improvement going doesn’t take much effort, and you’ll learn how to do that here.

Anyway, here’s how BackTo20/20 usually unfolds for those who jump in…

You get some quick wins as you fix potentially dangerous over-prescription by your optometrist and resolve the ciliary muscle spasm you’re experiencing right now. That’s a great first step, but your progress is far from finished.

You then “solidify” those gains, and then make gradual improvement from there. Your biology has to change, since we’re unravelling a slow physiological change that’s happened over many, many years. To reverse axial elongation and other factors, time plays a part… but if you’re able to do the couple of simple things laid out here, you’ll see that reversal in your own eyes.

Endmyopia isn’t ‘new’.  

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BackTo20/20 has a strict “10 members per month” limit. To help ensure this, invites are only open for 48 hours per person. This invite expires in:   


Your Alternatives

Of course, BackTo20/20 isn’t your only option if you’re tired of squinting at the world from behind those plastic fake focal planes. Here’s all the alternatives I can think of:

Glasses.  Contact lenses.  The prescription pusher filling out the pad, selling you more lenses. 

LASIK surgery.  Well, we’ve already mentioned this one. If you need more proof of the high (and irreversible) risks, a quick peak around the Internet, including the U.S. FDA, might convince you. It’s also an expensive “solution”.

Internet courses.  Or as I call it, the monkeys trying to steal my car.  At best.  Or just plain made up schemes that do nothing.  By all means go try them, I’m not trying to stop you.  But please don’t bring bad habits you learned there back to this program.  Always start fresh if you come here after being abused by the Internet weirdos.

Bates method.  If you’re into medieval things, like leeches and whatnot.

Eye acupuncture.  Neat stuff actually.  Except for recovering your eyesight.

There’s more but I honestly don’t know anything that works.  If there was, I’d have assimilated it into my ever growing arsenal of tools to share with you.

Those aren’t unicorn Bates eye exercise gains.

Support From Your Personal Guru

Of course, BackTo20/20 has another advantage over those alternatives.

You see, I’m not putting this up and then going on forever-vacation, nice as that would be.

You’re going to have questions.  You can see the forum on the site now, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg of support I give on a daily basis.  Once you sign-up to BackTo20/20, you’ve got full access to all the support forum threads (nice!).  Like I mentioned at the beginning of this invite, I (and almost everyone who’s part of the program) consider this support to be one of the most valuable parts.  And while that might sound sales-ey, my time is worth a lot more in my “day job” than what I ask for in this program.  If you’re familiar with derivatives trading and the world of institutional finance, it’s not hard to realize this isn’t an overstatement (yes, sadly Jakey mostly makes money doing things that benefit humanity in exactly zero ways).  

But, I dedicate a few hours per day to endmyopia, which includes writing the free blog, moderating the Facebook group, answering e-mails, and making sure everyone in BackTo20/20 is getting the help they need is one of my big priorities.

That’s why I only do at most ten invites per month, that’s why there’s no public sign-up, and that’s why if you e-mail me randomly asking for an invite, I’ll tell you to use the free blog.  I enjoy BackTo20/20 and I want you too as well (in fact it’s the first thing I do every morning, and I often also call it my procrastination-from-actual-work activity).

Think of this as me giving you the keys to my help with your membership.  Drop in on the forum any time.  Mi casa, su casa.  Ask me whenever you get stuck.

This by itself is something I’d gladly pay for if I were attempting a major journey like getting back to 20/20 vision.

And of course, I keep the group small and manageable.  No more than 10 invites per month.  I could easily just do 20, or even 30 invites, shorten or even skip the support, maybe even put a BackTo20/20 sign-up on the Website, and easily make way more money.  But obviously that’s not the way I do things – just this invite system,  just a few new members at a time…

…and lots of 20/20 gains:

Optometrist confirmed improvements.

20 Minutes To Success

There aren’t many out there who know what they’re talking about. But even if they did, they still wouldn’t get you to better eyesight.  Why?  Because every one of the (rather few) insightful avenues I ever found, totally forget… you have a life.

You’re not going to quit your job and move up to Jake’s misty mountain top eye retreat ashram.  Really, talking long term, you aren’t even going to spend 10 minutes a day, three months from now, doing an exercise.

That’s why they’d all fail regardless.  One has to not just understand the eye and how to change it, but also how to change the people who have those eyeballs in their heads.  (That’s you.)

BackTo20/20 assumes that you don’t have time to spare.

I assume that you’ll take 20 minutes to learn for a while, while it’s all new and exciting.  I assume that after that time (many many months of testing narrowed that time to about 8 weeks for most people), you’ll probably get distracted by all the other things going on in your life.

Realistic goals, achieved with good habits.

So here’s what I did.  I know I have an approximate eight week window of your peak attention (though you’ve got the rest of your life to use this program… so hit it as hard as you like or take it slow and steady, whichever works best for you).

In that eight weeks I’m going to teach you what I learned in about 620 weeks (or over 10,000 hours, but who’s counting .. and that’s not actually counting the years since, learning from participant experiences, and also the years tweaking the program itself).  The core of the program (the part you’re paying for) is me providing personalized support just for you – the structured sessions are the template, and personal guidance through the forum is what you’re buying with this approach.

I’m going to put into eight weeks, in simple 20 minute sessions, a real “guru-level” of insight for you.

Get BackTo20/20 Now

How BackTo20/20 Works

Use stimulus and strain knowledge to beat myopia.

There are a few who focus on the glasses.  Which, that’s the right start (for amateurs).

But they’re still wrong.

Your eyesight happens where?  In your eyes?

No.  Your eyesight happens in your visual cortex.  It happens in your BRAIN.  And even the part of your eyeball that’s receiving the focused beam of light, the retina, is actually not part of the eye – it is part of the brain.

It’s true.  Biology fact.  Retina, connected by the optic nerve to the cortex, is part of the brain.

So while some guys are obsessing about plus lens therapy or not wearing glasses, they’re still entirely missing the point.  The point which is, we have to talk to your brain, your visual cortex, about the problem you’re having.

The problem in part created by glasses, and now fully obscured from the brain by the glasses.

We will deal a lot with diopters, no question.  But while some do what seems the same as I do and still get only marginal results, my clients (that’s you, shortly) get real, tangible improvements.  Because we (you) get it.  Diopters, stimulus, the whole lot of what we’ll cover in the sessions, targets your visual cortex first, and your eyeball second.

I’m the eye guru, lacking a lot of false modesty, because I understand the real problem.  I’ll earn the title by teaching it all to you, in simple 20 minute sessions, and leading you to action and better eyesight.

And if I’m wrong?  Send a quick e-mail to the impartial, not-ruled-by-me refunds department, and they’ll send you your money back.  No questions.

But I’m not wrong.  😉


The First 30 Sessions

The first 30 sessions are all about close-up vision.  All about how to stop the strain that keeps you locked in the myopia cycle today.

Because of course all of our problem, the one that isn’t going to go away, is your (and mine too) eyes staring at screens, better part of every day.

Fixing your eyesight, considering that we can’t remove the root cause of it, would seem basically impossible.  It’s like you saying “hey Jake, I’m going to keep eating pizza, get me in shape.”

Because it’s such an involved bit of magic (fixing a problem without fixing the problem), we dedicate the better part of 30 sessions to it.  You have to absolutely be able to look at screens all day, without your eyes getting worse.  And actually, which now verges on the absurd, you want your eyes to get BETTER, while exposed to the problem.

I’ve got all that for you.  Yes, keep your office job.  Look at screens all day.  I’ll still help you get much better eyesight.

How do we do it?

I’m not going to preach.  I’ll teach you things, instead.  The what’s, and the why’s.  And the how’s.  Remember the measurement e-mails?  A bit like that.  A real, simple, tangible activity, and then ways you will use that to start working your eyes around the strain.  Success is in building the right habits, and having the right steps to apply at the right time.  This program is set up to let you precisely ‘copy’ my own success, and the success of thousands of myopes that came here before you.

And yes there are plenty of others out there who desperate try to copy the @endmyopia method.  You may have read about “plus lens therapy”.  Like a monkey stealing your car.

Rather than just beating tools onto rocks, I’ll show the real meaning of things like plus lenses.  How focal plane creates the wrong, or the right kind of stimulus.  How you test what you need, how you do it, and then how you quantify whether it’s working.

And we’ll always come back around to what really matters.  How all these things affect your visual cortex, the brain behind the curtain, pulling all the strings.  How we’ll give the right sort of inputs  so that your brain makes the right kinds of decisions.

Did you know that your minus lenses completely surpassed the feedback loop that would tell you about eye strain?

All you’ve got left right now is random headaches and neck pain, and dry eyes.

It’s a gag, those glasses you’re wearing.  We’ll fix it all, and then you’ll look back and think “gee, this was really all rather simple.”  Which makes me less amazing in your future hindsight.  Just remember though, part of the real value in this approach is that I not only make it look easy, but I make it be easy (for you).  No unforseen pitfalls, no failed experiments.

In 30 sessions you’ll never have to worry about a higher diopter number again.

But we’re just getting started.

Get BackTo20/20 Now


The Next 30 Sessions

The first 30 sessions take care of the close-up problem.  The second 30 sessions are all about what you will do when you no longer have to worry about close-up strain limiting your eyesight.

By this time you’re well into knowing your eyes and how to balance screen time and strain exposure.  And then we move on to where the real improvement opportunity lies – distance vision.

We’ll talk a lot about distance vision.  How distance vision is the tool to create the stimulus that tells your visual cortex that you need those eyes to provide more distance focus ability.  That your eyeballs are possibly too long, and need some axial change.

You won’t just be reading.  You’ll experience these things.

Making gains!

You’ll notice double vision, multiple clear images, where before there was only blur.  You’ll actually witness your brain adjusting along with your eyes, and having to “recalibrate” your vision.  It’s going to be, quite possibly, one of the more amazing experience you’ll have (if you appreciate your body, and pay attention to your senses).

The ballgame will change completely, as you start to use your glasses as a crutch, as a tool to induce stimulus, to get you just enough and make your eyes work for the rest.

And yes, you’ll realize it’s all so obviously simple, and I’ll have to fend for you to keep giving me some credit.  I’ll have to remind you that you came here some months ago (as in, today), and you didn’t know the first thing.  You trusted the optometrist, and you believed that your eyes were broken.  You were resigned to a life behind glasses.

Everything seems easy in hindsight, easy after you conquered the beast (or just the optometrist).

So… Are You All About
The Money, Jake?

If you read the site regularly, you already know that I own a lot of lens manufacturer stock.  I make a fascinating, objectively massive, almost completely embarrassing amount of financial gains by betting that you won’t take my advice here.


Doubled the Jake-monies holding Essilor 5 years.

That’s just one stock.  Your favorite barefooted old eye guru owns dozens more, ranging from lens manufacturing to ophthalmology surgical equipment and a host of pharma positions.  In the past five years alone I’ve made significantly more riding the corporate myopia train than I ever possibly could in a lifetime “selling” BackTo20/20 memberships at $99.  (to a limit of 10 new members a month no less)

How twisted is all that?

Whatever.  That’s how you do it.  I know that 99.9% of the world’s myopes never heard of endmyopia, and that many who read this site are too lazy to take back control.  Instead of losing sleep over it or trying to save the world, I’ll take some of that easy myopia stock money.

I would rather you fix your eyes, though.

Jakey needs all the karma points.

Also note that only invite ever gets sent to any one person.  Miss the window, you’ll have to use the free blog materials.  I don’t give out manual invites, no excuses about missed windows and the dog ate the e-mail.

You might have noticed that there is no sign-up button for BackTo20/20 anywhere on the site.  Even the free e-mail series doesn’t tell you that it’s the only way to this invite.  And if you stopped reading at Day 2, you’ll never even see the potential invite.  It’s a whole secret labyrinth, for you to end up on this page.  No public sign-up, no hints as to where to find this program, none of the program videos are on Youtube, goes so far as your program account not even being on the same domain as endmyopia.

The only people who end up here are the ones that really wanted to learn, took a whole week to dig into the topic, and after knowing enough to realize whether to DIY or join, have the chance to be in Jakey’s private group.

You had to go all Indiana Jones on this project, working your way through the maze, to end up here.

Check out this review of BackTo20/20:

I’ll give you the tools, you have to put in the actual work.

Get BackTo20/20 Now


BONUS: Even More Sessions

I’m still adding more sessions to the program to this day. At the moment, you’ll get 24 bonus sessions when you join.  Things you’ll want to try out. Things that may keep you motivated.  Things that you, the future expert, will be able to make sense of and experiment with.

For example, I’ve got an amazing visual clarity boosting activity.  It only works at dusk, it only works once you’ve done the other things, and works better if you have dusk, and neon lit signs.  Oh, and it works best if you have already had at least two diopter reductions.  It’s one of the many small details that have helped me (and many others) continue tweaking their approach and making 20/20 gains – even after we’ve gotten down to only one diopter and little myopia remains.

And yes, this invite page might sound a little bit like a sales pitch.  It’s actually just me getting excited whenever I talk about eyesight.  It took me what felt like forever to figure out the way back to my own 20/20 vision.  And now there is real and actual way for you to get back control, stop being dependent on symptom treatment ‘medicine’, to have self affirming and truly empowering experiences.  How can you really put all this together without it sounding like either sales or a complete hippie?

I’d go with hippie, given those choices.  Or you know … imaginably bearded eye guru.

And yes, I’m probably posting a zillion more improvement reports than necessary.  Again though, this is real excitement and wanting to show off all the validating experiences from thousands of participants all over the world.  I had literally made a version of this page that were all progress updates and reviews, and nothing else.  Just a giant scrolling testimony of awesome.

Sanity has partially returned however, so now you get mostly details on what BackTo20/20 entails – and just a few gratuitous improvement reports, like this:

How could you *not* post this?


The 20/20 Bulletproof Guarantee

What’s the one thing your darling eye guru wants to see you say about his sagely guru beard?

I’m sure you know.  I want you to say, wow this program is amazing, Jake’s wise guru beard is splendid and wise, and endmyopia is much better than the optometry sales pitch of glasses-forever.

I do a handful of invites per month (because I’m human and limited hours in the day), whereas the Google stats show about 90,000 regular readers (this month as I write this, usually goes up a bit every month).  I spent literally thousands of hours and the better part of a decade building the foundation, getting feedback from countless students, and putting together the content of endmyopia.  Our Facebook group alone has almost ten thousand active participants.  The time I invested in building something that’s a meaningful alternative to stupid glasses and stupid optometry sales pitches is priceless.

Can’t put a $ value on this.

I want this to be the case for you and the experience you share with others.

This program: the direct access to the inner temples of the guru, the invite you have here, that’s the center of this whole resource.  I get most of the actionable feedback here.  Every session of the program, tweaked hundreds of times based on the feedback of students over the course of years and years.  This is where I connect with you, get your questions, try solutions for unique scenarios, get your feedback on what works and what doesn’t.  

Think of this support forum as Jake’s inner sanctum.  My e-mail gets handled mostly by an admin.  Our Facebook group, volunteer moderators.  Youtube comments, I don’t really read most of them.

But the support forum, I 100% provide an answer to every single question, in as much detail as I can.

My main goal is that you have a great experience, and make all the 20/20 gains.

And that’s the long-winded explanation for a rather simple money-back guarantee.  Thanks Jake, you’re thinking.  Maybe you should just get to the point.

Fine.  Here’s the refund guarantee:

If you’re not happy, send me an e-mail and you’ll get a full refund.

That’s it.

Could have just said that to begin with Jake, you’re thinking.

The fine print is that you’ve got a 60 day window, since that’s what Paypal and my payment processor gives me to hit the refund button.  And honestly, in 60 days you’ll have already made some big steps and be super happy with the program. (Otherwise I don’t want or deserve your money and you should ask for it back.)

Full disclosure: in 2017 I had two refund requests.  Total.  For the whole year.  Which is two more than I feel good about, but there you go.

Money should be exchange for value.  You get great results, and I get paid for providing support.  Plus it keeps out the countless heathen freeloaders (no offense if you’re one of them, just don’t e-mail me questions) who don’t want to invest the time to search the blog and find answers, and instead take up every free second of my time expecting free consults.

** Update **:  Since people ask this in e-mails, this is a quick note on the 60 day refund policy window timing.

In the first 60 days you’re meant to experience:

  1. A full diopter reduction (on average, perhaps less if you have low myopia of just 1-2 diopters)
  2. measurable increase in close-up distance vision (via centimeter measurement)
  3. measurable increase in distance vision (via Snellen eye chart)

Of course, your journey isn’t complete in 60 days.  But by that time you’ll know whether the program is working for you.  If you don’t have two reduced diopter lenses and measurable improvements in vision in around 60 days, I shouldn’t have your money anyway.  Remember, we’re trading my time to help here, and I’m going to make sure you feel good about it.

Seeing above improvement milestones happens in the vast majority of cases.  Even so, want you to feel reasonably assured that I am taking all the steps to ensure your wellbeing and fairness in everything we do here, together.


Get BackTo20/20 Now

BackTo20/20 > Cute Nurse + Laser Beams?

Right now BackTo20/20 is primarily text-based sessions.  There are not yet a whole lot of cool audio guides or fancy video.  I quite frankly think those two aspects are beneficial for a truly kick-ass program, something I can be fully proud of and charge metaphorical arms and legs for.

I’m working on that.  There will be continually more audio guides and fancy video.  Eventually.

But today there are still relatively few of those, so I’m pricing the program based on my own high expectations of value.  I sometimes compare the cost of BackTo20/20 to the price of LASIK, for the sake of simplicity and some similarity in terms of competitive options.  They charge you $1.500 to $3.000 per eye, for a quick (and potentially dangerous) fix.

Not exactly cheap, yea?

That’s a fancy laser, and a cute nurse, and some arrogant laser-operating-doctor (hard to deny that’s pretty cool for a professional resume).  Ultimately I give you better results, but I’m just text and they’re shooting beams of lasers.

Until I have that rectified with audio guides and video, I’m giving you BackTo20/20 for half of that.  But if you heard all the complaints I have in the past about not being cheap and all that, you too would want to point out the value of your time, and the value of your approach.  The value of outcome of one ‘product’ over another.

Half the lower end of the LASIK price range… for a much better outcome for your only two eyeballs.

Consistent 20/20 gains.

Less than half really, and there is even a monthly payment option.

We all have bills to pay.  I don’t have “discounts”, never had never will, no point in asking.  This is pretty awesome, especially considering that you get lifetime membership and unlimited access the the support forum – which I check in on daily.