Hi. I’m Jake Steiner.

Yes, I used to wear all of those glasses.  (thought not all at once)

These days I don’t need any corrective lenses.  I learned how to beat myopia, and in the past decade I’ve helped thousand of others get their healthy eyes back, too.  


I don’t recommend eye exercises or complicated regimens.  (those never work).  Instead, I help you identify eyesight damaging habits, and show you ways to correct those habits.

I show you how to fix your own eyesight.  I explain the science behind every habit change and activity, and give you the tools to quantify your own progress.

I give away 90% of my material for free.  (see the blog).  What you can learn from me for free beats 99% of anything else out there, worth learning about eyesight health.

I know you encounter lots of “vision improvement” nonsense, especially online.  I hope to  earn your trust with science, facts, and first hand accounts.  If you’re curious, here is a little bit about me.



I used to be an institutional finance guy.  Right place, right time, I managed to cash out and retire early.

But my eyes were in terrible shape.  14 hours a day, seven days a week for years and years really killed my vision.  I had all the time and money in the world, but every day was depressing nonetheless.  My optometrist said I needed an even higher prescription.

I decided I’d had enough.  I would take all my analytical skills I learned in the finance world, and tackle the myopia problem, from the bottom up.

I spent a decade learning, traveling the world, meeting experts, testing ideas .. and amazingly, getting my eyesight back.

What as a personal journey turned into helping friends, turned into helping their friends, and eventually a whole new career.  Without having planned or even seen it coming, people started calling me the “eye guru”, and coming to see me from all corners of the globe.

Why So Many People Come To Me For Healthier Eyesight

My approach, uniquely, actually accounts for your whole lifestyle. I help you overcome all the psychological barriers, all the lifestyle challenges, the excuses and roadblocks.

The key is not just in teaching you concepts.  They key is getting you to have the actual experience.

I don’t provide the sort of knowledge that you’ll nod your head to, feel better for a moment, but then never actually do anything about.  Your path when working with me, is one of action.  I teach you everything you need to know about your eyes, while helping you to take action.

This makes me unique in this whole arena.

Yes, you can read eyesight books.  Yes you can find a possibly very decent behavioral optometrist to help you with lower prescriptions.  For maximum results, you probably end up seeing me sooner or later.

You Don’t Need To Spend Your Life Behind Glasses.

I’m who you come to see whenever you are finally sick and tired of more glasses, higher prescriptions, and absolutely no answers from the optometrist.

It’s a world of chain store optic shops that are little more than prescription mills.  They’ll sell you something, and they really have all the tricks to make sure that your eyes will at least appear to need their product.

Ready for an ugly truth?  That first prescription, remember it?  Way back when?

It totally wasn’t necessary.

Back then you had what medical science often refers to as “pseudo myopia“, or “NITM” (near induced transient myopia).  It was a focusing muscle spasm.  Too much time in the books, in front of video games, TV.  Too much indoors, dark rooms, nose close to the pages or screens.  Back then it was just a little focusing muscle problem.

Don’t worry though.  I’m not going to unveil some miracle quick fix, here.

Because today your eyes aren’t NITM anymore.  Now they are lens-induced, progressive myopic.

And that’s a real problem.

One of the leading causes of blindness is retinal detachment, and retinal detachment risk increases by 400% even for mild myopia.  You don’t want to know how much it increases for high myopia (over -5 diopters).  I won’t tell you, just to not freak you out.

Or maybe I will.  It’s a 10-fold increase.  And that’s not to mention the precursors or lattice degeneration.  Ever had “floaters”?  Little bright spots?

Those are the first signs of “close to screwed”.

A lot of that can be sorted out.  If you get on it, not “later, soon, tomorrow”, you can likely still reverse a lot of those trends.  I’ve had good success with a whole lot of high myopes over the years.  Understanding the science behind eyesight and taking action, that’s the key to getting your eyes back.

There’s no need for questionable “eye vitamins”, or all the pointless eye exercise nonsense being sold online.  Don’t trust anything that doesn’t refer to clinical studies and proper scientific evidence.

The Answers To Healthy Eyes Are In Medical Journals.

You’ll find years and years of articles in the blog, with more than a few references to clinical studies.  There are also thousands of posts in the support forum.

I’m not an optometrist, fortunately.  I’m free to speak my mind, without fear of repercussion from some certifying board, or peers locked into dogma, profit motives, and outdated views on holistic vision health.

Ready To Reclaim Your Eyes From The Optometrist?

I can help you, no matter how high your myopia is today:

Control Adult Myopia 

Free your eyes, 1 diopter less in just 90 days, up to 1 diopter each year thereafter.

Stop Child Myopia 

Keep kids eyes healthy.  Learn to prevent blurry eyesight for your child.

20/20 At Work

Maintain professional occupation requirements.  Pass mandatory eye exams.

Want some real, candid, unscripted perspectives?

Watch this video, the first one I ever put online.  Yes, the first few minutes a bit of ramble, followed by some eye opening perspectives on mainstream optometry.

Interesting to think about those parallels to other health risky businesses, right?

It’s always good to know when you are being sold something, rather than given medical advice (without the profit motive).