“Glasses Destroy Your Eyesight.  It’s Time To Stop The Madness!”

If you have made it to this page, you probably already figured this out.  Your glasses quite almost literally, poison your eyesight.

You know that this is true, already.

The simple fact that every “treatment” from your optometrist has required more of the same “treatment” is a dead giveaway.

Years ago, you started out with with just a little bit of blurry distance vision.

Then you ended up at the optometrist (probably your parents took you).  The optometrist sold them a prescription for you.  Hundreds of dollars for the exam, frames, and lenses.   But then you could see much more clearly immediately, so it seemed worth it!

It’s a very persuasive sale.  All that fancy equipment, the “doctor”, those lenses giving you clear eyesight.  You can’t blame yourself for falling for it.

But what happened next, after you wore those glasses for a while?

Your Eyesight Got Worse.

Period.  Let’s not just walk past this.  Whatever the optometrist did, it made your eyes worse.  Worse. Because a year later, when you came back for the follow-up, you needed more glasses.

Every time you got to the optometrist, you are being sold more … what?   Product.  You are being sold a product, disguised as a treatment.

And this product, the glasses, create need for more product (glasses).  That’s all glasses do, is create a never ending sales cycle for the optometrist.

Is any of this disputable, so far?

No.  It isn’t.  You went for glasses, and then you needed more glasses.  That’s simple fact.

Now the optometrist might blame your eyes.   Your eyes are broken, they’ll say.  But consider this, also very simple fact:

If you don’t ever wear their glasses, your myopia never gets worse.

This is a very, very key fact to consider.

What was your first prescription?  It certainly wasn’t -3 or -5 diopters.  No.  It was less than -2 diopters.  How do I know this?  Am I a computer guru psychic?  No, of course I am not.  I know this because there is nothing wrong with your eyes.

Pseudo Myopia:  Your Eyes Were Never Actually “Sick”.

Your initial myopia actually has a name, in science circles.  It’s called pseudo myopia.

Pseudo, as in, “not really”.

Clinical science has several names for that early myopia.  Here is another common one:  Near-induced transient myopia.  That’s a mouth-full.  Look at those words, though.  Near-induced, as in caused by looking at something near (your computer screen, most likely).  And transient as in, temporary.

Hopefully you read through the site already before coming here.  Short version, your first glasses were just hiding a much simpler symptom.  A focusing muscle spasm.

A lot of close-up (reading, computer games, etc) causes a muscle spasm.  The muscle in your eye that moves the lens around for focus, gets “jammed up”, stuck in close-up mode.  So then when you look at far distances, your eye is in close-up mode, things look blurry far away.

Glasses don’t fix a muscle spasm.  What do they do instead?

They hide the symptom.

And what happens with a symptom that doesn’t get addressed, rather just hidden away?

It doesn’t get fixed.

But then, why did your eyes get worse?  Is the optometrist right, selling you glasses, making lots of money is just a side effect, and really your eyes are to blame?

Hardly.  Do we really want to trust the words of somebody who is specifically making money selling you something?  Something you wouldn’t need otherwise?

How The Optometrist Makes Your Eyes Even Worse.

I’ll tell you what happens when you take the optometrist’s “treatment”.

Pseudo myopia turns into lens-induced myopia (not my words, but rather commonly used in clinical science circles.

Lens-induced myopia, as in myopia created by the lenses you are wearing.

It’s really that simple.  Glasses hide a muscle spasm, by changing where light focuses in your eye.  But your eye is a dynamic system.  It adjusts in length, based on the focal plane.

Put glasses in front of your eye, and it will grow longer.  This is completely and entirely undisputed.  And what does a longer eye mean?

More myopia.  A higher prescription.

And that’s how the optometrist makes money.  And that’s why your eyes keep getting “worse”.

Except your eyes never get worse, they just simply adjust to the ever increasing focal plane changes.  All the while you still are just dealing with a muscle spasm, but now the problem is magnified by the “treatment” from the optometrist.

This is a beautiful scheme, if you are an optometrist.

Who else gets to sell treatments that just create more of the problem, forever and ever?  Are these guys ever going to tell you that myopia is a muscle spasm, and will become lens-induced if you fix the temporary problem, with glasses?

No, they won’t.  Unless you find a great behavioral optometrist who cares about causes, you’ll never hear about it.

So, great.  Now you know where myopia comes from.

Internet Schemes:  Eye Vitamins, Eye Exercises, Eye Yoga.

You probably weren’t born yesterday.  Or started researching this problem yesterday.  So you already met all the “fix your eyes in a weekend” guys, and the “eye yoga guys”, and the “eye vitamin” guys.

While we are at it, with dragging facts into the light, let’s cover those real quick.

Some of the Internet guys are well-meaning.  Some have sort of working strategies.  Short term usually, and requiring a whole lot of exercises, and buying books, and watching videos.

Long term, those exercises, vitamins, eye yoga, don’t work.  Not because they are trying to rip you off.  They just don’t deal with the problem (remember, focusing muscle spasm, and focal plane change from glasses).

The other guys are just plain scams.  Anybody claiming to fix your eyes in a weekend, any claims “in 24 hours”, anything that’s in hours and days, is a scam.  Period.

And eye vitamins work just as well for fixing your eyes, as any multi-vitamin is going to make you tall, blonde, and 22 again.

The only thing that will fix your eyes, is addressing the causes of your myopia.

No amount of exercises will fix your eyesight.  Forget exercises, starting right now.

You need to get away from the focusing muscle spasm.  You still need your eight hours in front of a computer, or letting your child do homework.  So you need a strategy to do close-up, without causing a whole lot of focusing muscle spasm.

There is only one way to accomplish this.

Get To The Root Of The Problem: Fixing The Muscle-Spasm.

We have to make a change to how your eyes see up-close.  Or rather, how far your eyes see up-close.

This all plays into how your body works.  Stimulus creates a response.  If you create a stimulus that says “I need to see further”, then your eyes will adjust (slowly, over time), to give you more distance.  It’s that simple.

On the site and in therapy we talk a lot about blur horizon.  You need to see clearly (don’t throw away those glasses just yet), but you also want to add a bit of blur at the far end of that distance.

This means cutting your prescription for close-up use, so that you see clearly to your screen, but not further.

Once you have this prescription made, now you can challenge you eyes.  Move back a few centimeters from your screen.  Learn how to actively focus your eyes (yes, that’s a real thing!  remember the focusing muscle?).  And this isn’t an exercise.  It’s an ongoing slight challenge, keeping your eyes aware of just a bit of blur at the far distance.

This will reduce your close-up strain by over 80%.  Compared to right now, as you are reading this, your eyesight will be massively healthier.

Once we address the close-up issue, we start looking at more positive stimulus.

Remember, your eyes will adjust to wherever you need to see.

The Optometrist 20/10 Prescription Is Terrible For Your Eyes.

We want to adjust your distance prescription as well.  Instead of the insane strength your optometrist prescribed (and it is insane, to try to get you past 20/10 in a dark room), we lower your distance prescription.  20/40 is a good start.

Now you get clear vision still, but at the far end you get a blur horizon again.  Yes, same as with close-up!

This gives you a way to challenge your eyesight at a distance.

And this is beautiful, beautiful stimulus.  Once you start trying to read that license plate, up far in front of you, try to clear the letters against the blur, you’ll start to feel it.  It feels fantastic!  Your eyes love this.  This is what they are meant to do.  Give your eyes this distance focusing challenge every day, and you’ll just feel how your vision improves.  It truly feels great.

Yes, we are simplifying here, a bit.  We do need to figure out exactly what those prescriptions are.  We need timing.  First month, we want to focus just on the close-up strain relief.  Get that sorted out, and better habits in place.

This requires a bit of therapist input, you learning how to measure, keeping a little log.

We want to introduce these ideas slowly, over time, to keep you from having to change too much of your day to day life.  We created 20 minute installments, so you can read one, follow the advice, and get back to your life.

Success = Timing & Habits.

The timing is the beautify of the whole therapy.  As long as you find 20 minutes in your day, a few times a week, you will absolutely get your eyes back.

Most participants improve somewhere around 20 to 25% in the first few months.  That’s a big prescription reduction!

And from there you are likely going to reduce about one diopter a year, all the way to 20/20.

That’s the only thing that works.  Not eye exercises, not eye vitamins, and for heavens sakes, don’t let anybody near your eyes with laser surgery!

All this, and we haven’t even talked about how I am.

Meet Your Personal Therapists.

My name is Jake Steiner.   I used to wear glasses, just like you.

And no, there is no grand origin story here.  I didn’t climb up some misty mountain in the Amazon jungle, and find the ancient guru who had all the eye answers.  I wasn’t “so frustrated till I discovered how to fix my eyes!”.   You know what I’m talking about, those Internet eye sales pitches.

You can roll your eyes at all those guys.  Who wants to get vision advice from some amateur who came up with some half baked eye exercise program / book?

Let’s get serious, and get therapy from serious experts.

I took the optometry classes, studied the physiology, and interned with myopia rehab practitioners.  I did get rid of my myopia, but not because I suddenly found some tribe with the truth secrets (seriously, those Internet schemes drive me nuts).

Behavioral optometry fixed my myopia.  Not some Internet eyesight course.

There are a lot of different ideas in behavioral optometry.  Some work better than others.  But you know what I like about all of it?

It’s based on proper science, and clinical studies.  Even if they aren’t all perfect, they start from the right place.

And we took all that a step further.  We found the best myopia practitioners, ranging from Indian Ayurveda to Chinese traditional medicine, to western optometry concepts.  We trialled methods, we invited participants, we spent quite literally years refining what works, and discarding what doesn’t.

The result is a therapy approach that is highly effective, while not taking up much of your time.

You will reduce your prescription in a matter of about 30 days.  Guaranteed.

If not, send me one e-mail, and I will refund you the fee of the core course (applies to Basics+, the core / first month only).  The basic course actually includes a refund guarantee not just for one month, but a whole year.  12 months.  And that’s just for the paperwork.  If you aren’t happy with the core course or your results, you can ask me for a refund any time.  No time limit.

We have had this guarantee in place here online for the last four years.  In all that time I had three refund requests.  In four years.  Our therapy approach has a huge amount of effort in it, to make it as great as it is.  And people apparently agree.  🙂

You know what else we realized, as we were creating our therapy approach?

Even The Best Vision Improvement Books Don’t Work.

Books unfortunately don’t work to get your eyesight back.  They might sound great, give you ideas, but they don’t create a process.

What you need, is a process.

A process, and therapists to talk to.  Your eyes aren’t the same as my eyes.  Your prescriptions aren’t the same.  Your lifestyle isn’t the same.  So, we realized we needed to create therapy that allows you to ask us questions.

That’s easy to do if you come to a doctor’s office.  Not so easy, online.

So we created a support forum, which is even better than e-mail or phone calls.  Why?  Because you can see what everybody else says!   Inspiration, courage, confidence, even asking other participants questions.

We love it, and so will you.  What book can you buy where the author will answer your process questions?  None!  But our therapy approach combines the best parts of a book, with the best parts of having your own in-person therapist.

We also figured out that no one therapist has all the answers.

And you might like one person more than another.  So we have a whole team of volunteer therapists to answer your questions.  You probably already read articles in the blog from Neha, Ted, and myself, and read some of the thousands of forum questions we all answered.

Glaucoma & Cataracts:  Why You Want To Do Something Right Now.

Oh, here we go.  The sales pitch, right?

Not really.  You are reading all this, because you care about your eyes.  And you should.

Plenty of research shows that you more than double your risk of glaucoma, cataracts, chorioretinal abnormalities (not pleasant, that), and optic disk abnormalities, with even just mild myopia (up to 3 diopters).

If you have high myopia (over -5 diopters), your risk of retinal detachment goes by by 10 times.  That’s a real and serious risk of going blind.  You also are likely to be diagnosed with lattice degeneration (you might see spots of bright lights, have floaters, all early signs of your retina thinning and about to tear lose from your eyeball).

These are all really bad news.  I’m not trying to scare you into therapy, but the facts should worry you. You can’t ignore this, put it off to the proverbial “tomorrow”.

Sit Back And Let Us Do The Work For You.

We made it easy.  You don’t need to buy a big book, or quit your office job and move to the country and tend sheep.  You can still use the computer and watch TV, you don’t have to throw away your smartphone.

All you need is pick a therapy option, and figure about 20 minutes of your time, a few times a week.

We take care of everything else.

Reversing your myopia isn’t some giant undertaking.

It’s very, very small habit changes, very small prescription changes.

The work happens automatically, with the help of time.   Just like time makes a small interest rate create  lot of wealth in a savings account, the small habit and prescription changes will add up to a lot of less diopters messing up your eyesight.

Yes, you’ll spend the first month or two learning core concepts, and nudging habits.  But that’s about the least work you ever had to put in on any health-lifestyle habit change.

The genius of our approach is in how it all “just happens”.

You aren’t subscribing to a giant pile of eye exercises.  You aren’t ordering some highly questionable eye vitamins over the Internet.  You aren’t buying the ebook of some made-up pilot or “oh I just discovered this method” nonsense.

You are getting actual support, an actual process, from actual people you can actually talk to.

And we love talking to you!  We love getting you better eyesight!  We love less optometrist brainwashing!

So here we go.  Pick a course, send us a quick e-mail, let’s get started!

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Therapist Program Choices Explained.

We set up a few therapy options for you

Picking one is quite simple.  Just ask yourself, what do you want?  If you just want to dip a toe in, get Basics+.  Simple, done.  If you want to get everything, no limits, get the “all inclusive” option.

And if you are the picky sort, go for one-on-one.

Here is the full breakdown:

Budget Friendly Therapist Access: Basics+
The most budget friendly way to try things on. Includes a month of forum access, which is more than worth the whole fee all by itself. Talk to myopia therapists anytime you have questions! Includes one free prescription review, so you can get some specific pointers on what prescription to get for your first close-up or reduced distance need. Also includes a full year refund guarantee (for the core course / first month).
More of Everything: Therapist+
The more inclusive version of Basics+. Two months therapist forum access, two prescription reviews (handy for getting both your differential and normalized prescriptions sorted), and a full year satisfaction guarantee (for the core course / first month).
Pay Once, Get It All: All Inclusive
Prefer not to go with a subscription? Planning on really diving in to eyesight improvement? For yourself or as a gift, this one gives you unlimited access to everything we have. We also throw in a full year of therapist support via the forum, and access to both the adult and child courses. This one comes with a 30 day money back guarantee as well.
Your Very Own Therapist: One On One
Prefer to work directly with a therapist? Have specific needs, complications, or just want more than the Web courses can offer? The customization options of having your very own assigned therapist are almost limitless. Prescription planning, a full two years of therapist support (as of 2015 we are throwing in an extra year on request), and therapy for adult and child (in the immediate family). Since this is a one time fee and goes directly to the therapist, this one doesn’t come with a refund guarantee, of course.
Frequently Asked Questions
Here are some of the things people ask us about eye therapy:
How Many Months Is The Therapy?

The core therapy is the first month.  All you really need to reduce eye strain, stop progressive lens-induced myopia, and manage your own prescriptions responsibly is available there.  lf you want to delve into more topics discussing more suitable distance prescriptions, positive stimulus, night vision and peripheral vision, there are two more optional months available.

Do I Have To Use Paypal?  

Right now it’s our only payment option for the Web course.  Paypal does let you use your credit card to pay, and it is a very strong way to ensure that your credit card information is safe.  Paypal also insists that we process refund requests promptly, so you have that additional assurance that we honor our refund policy.

Can I Stop My Subscription Anytime? 

 Of course.  You may want to take some time to catch up, pause, or implement what you learned.  Just send us a quick e-mail and suspend your Paypal subscription.

Do You Guarantee Progress?  

We guarantee that you only pay for what you find useful, and we provide all the support we can via the forum to help you progress.

Does Myopia Therapy Work For Children? 

We have a separate add-on option for young children.  There is no extra cost to add the child program.  We do recommend that you have a myopic adult in the immediate family take the adult course first, to gain a first hand understanding of the process.  This will make working with your child’s eyes much more effective.  And of course we provide tailored support to help you with child myopia related questions, in the support forum.

How Long Can I Use The Forum Support?  

Forum support is as listed for each therapy option for all current and previous subscribers.  If you need help past the therapist support expiration, drop us a line!

What Else Do I Need To Buy?  

Most of what you need is knowledge.  Beyond that, measuring tools are just a print out or a few dollars.  You will likely want reduced prescriptions to protect your eyes and get the opportunity for positive stimulus – we don’t sell these, but you can buy them inexpensively online, or from your local optician.  Search the blog for lots more on the subject of prescription purchases, or post your questions in the forum!

Do I Own The Therapy Contents?

The course material remains intellectual property of their respective owners.  We license the course from labs and clinics and provide direct support for participants.  You are free to use the course material for your own improvement, though distribution and use outside of the course are prohibited by international intellectual property laws.

How Does The Refund Guarantee Work?

The refund guarantee covers the full first month of any of the Web therapy approaches.  If you take the core therapy and feel you didn’t get your money’s worth, send us a quick e-mail and get a refund for the core course.  No questions, no forms, no hassles.

*Note that one-on-one does not qualify for refunds (lots of therapist time!) and any optional months past

the first month are also not eligible (though if there is an issue, please do send us an e-mail).

Is My Personal Information Safe With You?

Payments are all processed in Paypal, your payment information is never sent to us directly.  Paypal also guarantees delivery and refund processing.  We also take all of your other personal information very seriously, using database encryption, hacker protection software, and third party audits.

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Some Participant Experiences.

All participant experience are verbatim from the support forum.

You’ll soon be able to find them on our Facebook page as well, where we ask participants to post their experiences.  We think this will help a lot so you can see all the experience are real and not made up by Internet-people-eye-yoga types.  😉

Paul:  -3.25 to -2.50 in Five Weeks

I’ve been using my first Normalized prescription now for 5 weeks. Haven’t touched my old full prescription glasses in all that time!  For reference, my old prescription was:

OD -3.25, -0.75 Cyl, 180 Ax  OS -3.00, -0.75 Cyl, 160 Ax

My Normalized prescription is:

OD -2.50  OS -2.25  with no CYL correction.

The first week was definitely the hardest in the sense that I really noticed the difference in my ability to see clearly, especially indoors or under poor lighting. But day by day it got better and now it feels just fine when I’m outdoors on a sunny day. With a bit of focus pulling I can read car license plates from about 30 meters away.

October 21, 2014  Paul

Lucia:  14 Year Old Son Improves From -2.25 to -2.00

I have joined up for my son who is 14, his prescription was -2.25 in right eye and -1.50 in left eye with slight astigmatism when we visited the optician for first time. He has been print pushing with plus lenses on for close up work at home and Working on far away signs and number plates and bringing them into focus, we even set up a sign in the garden that is blurry to him so he can practice bringing it into focus.

Last visit to opticians said his right eye has improved to -2.00 which is what I also tested it at on a home snellen chart at 20ft. His left eye has seen great improvement since then, he is reading with it at the 1.25 line now at 20ft and his right eye today is reading the -1.75 at 20ft, tested in morning and afternoon so really pleased at his progress so far.”

January 14, 2015  Lucia

Bradley:  -4.00 to -1.50 in 7 Months

I’ve been offline from the forum for many months now, but I am still actively following the #endmyopia Method in pursuit of eliminating my myopia.

To give a quick review, I started the course about seven months ago in August 2013, and got a -1.5 prescription soon afterwards — compared with my old glasses, that’s a reduction from -4 to -1.5!

Bradley, March 23rd, 2014

Hao:  -4.75 to -3.50 in One Year

I’ve been myopic since grade school. I started wearing glasses at 12 yo, -2.25/-2.25 at the time. Around this time last year, February 2013, I went to the optometrist and was prescribed -4.75OD/-5.25OS, with -1.00/-0.50 astigmatism corrections, respectively. I was scared that my visual acuity would keep getting worse and worse. Plus, the new glasses didn’t feel right. I thought my eyes were telling me they were too strong. So I started looking into myopia rehab and subsequently found livestrong.com blog and the #endmyopia clinic.

I started experimenting with weaker prescriptions. I noticed very rapid improvements within the first 3 months. My incremental improvements got smaller after that. Being in medical school and having to do a ton of close-up work probably contributed to that, although in retrospect I see that I made jumps every 3-4 months. I started the Web program in December because I haven’t seen any improvements since September and thought that I might have hit a plateau. But in January I noticed another jump so I’m quite happy about that.

My current measurements:

myopia calculator: OD 28cm / OS 25cm, which translates into: OD -3.5 / OS -4.0

my current far-viewing glasses: OD -3.75 / OD -3.75, -0.5 astigamtism

close-up glasses: OD -2.0 / OS -2.5

With the far-viewing glasses, I can see very clear when it’s nice out, but not when it’s overcast or at night. I plan to stick with these until night time vision becomes 20/20 clear.

February 8th, 2014  Hao

John:  -5.00 to -3.00 in 5 Months

I thought I’d relate my experience of eyesight improvement as some may find it interesting/useful.

First some background. I started wearing glasses about the age of 12, when a school nurse tested all the kids in our class and decided I needed glasses. From that day I hated being short sighted with a passion. I refused to wear them until my myopia progressed to the stage where I didnt have much of a choice. I have asked every single optometrist I have ever been to over the years if there was anything I could do to slow the progression of my myopia or reverse it. The answer was always no and faced with such a wall of opinion I largely accepted it.

I studied very hard at school. Probably too hard and yes I am prepared to say I wrecked my own eyesight as a consequence.

My prescription followed the usual progression pattern getting worse year after year until it peaked in 2006 at OD -5.00 -1.50 x 85 OS -5.50 -1.00 x 120. 90% of the time I wore contacts with the prescription -4.75 -0.75 x 90 in both eyes.

Interestingly when I stopped studying (graduated from uni) my eyesight stopped getting worse.

After uni, and up until 5 years ago I had a desk job, in an office behind 4 computer screens. I lived in a country with bad weather and rarely went outside.

5 years ago I decided I didnt like my job or my life very much and decided to change it. I moved to the tropics and started working outdoors. Note this is a very big change!

In January this year before I found this site I went for an eye test. No change in my prescription but the optometrist found a retinal tear and referred me to an ophthalmologist. I had an operation to fix it but for a guy in his late 20s this was a somewhat sobering experience and it gave me new impetus to try and fix my eyesight to at least try and prevent any more retinal damage. I did a fair bit of googling and found this site.

It was an absolute revelation. What Dr Alex was saying made sense and confirmed a lot of my hunches about vision over the years. I immediately started applying the principles. This was in mid February this year. I slightly adjusted some of the advice to fit my circumstances, namely that I have no need for a reduced prescription for close up work because I dont really do any anymore. Crucially I work outdoors year round in high UV levels and bright sunlight, staring into the distance as part of my job. At the time of writing (late july) I have made rapid progress from my -4.75 0.75 x 90 starting prescription in February (contact lens) to my current prescription of -3.00 0.75 x 90. That initial progress was very rapid and I was struggling to keep up with prescription reductions, reducing by 0.25 every time. However the step down from -3.25 to -3.00 has been pretty tough and it would seem that progress from here on will be slower. I have been wearing the -3.00 0.75 x 90 prescription for about 3 weeks now and my eyesight has improved over that time but is still not 20/20. I have a snellen and good reference points in the distance at work. Also I have noticed that while I might be able to get 20/20 in bright sunlight during the day with a particular prescription, my night vision is not good, however it does improve with time albeit slowly.

I am lucky with my current circumstances and I think that reflects in my rapid initial progress. For those struggling with improvements maybe some holidays in sunny places would help. I am still ‘learning as I go’ and I will be interested to see if my progress increases again as the UV index here rises as we head toward the wet season. I will update here with my future progress – I plan to stick with my 0.25 diopter reductions and am very much looking forward to ditching the astigmatism correction around -2.50. Finally I want to say a big thank you to Alex for the time he puts into this site and for starting it in the first place!

August 1st, 2014  John

There are hundreds more on the blog, and in the forum.  That’s it, time to get on board!

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Remember, we are always here to help.  This isn’t a go-luck-here-you go book, or some janky exercise Internet course.  This is us, Ted, Neha, and myself, ready to help you get those eyes back to happy and health.