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Yes, you can reach me via this contact form! Before you send a message, please take a look at some notes:

I am unable to provide free case specific advice or consults here. Hundreds of people ask me every day how to fix their eyes! Best to explore our 1,200+ free guides, our 23,000+ member Facebook group, and our 90k+ monthly visits forum. Support from me is available for BackTo20/20 program members from the ’support’ tab on the program site.

Check out BackTo20/20, our best selling course 🏆 now 8 years running. Structured sessions, 200+ pro topic videos, personal support from me every day.

Learning how to improve your vision takes time. The first month or two is a bit of a learning curve. After that you should be improving at ~1 diopter per year. See our wiki for lots of helpful articles. Pointers for troubleshooting your progress: YouTube playlist.

We do have lots of entirely free resources. Our wiki is excellent and offers answers for many of the most frequently asked questions.

If none of the above is helpful or applies to you, or you have questions about my courses, please fill out the form below. I’ll be in touch within 1-2 days (normally).

*Note that we don't do guest posts, no affiliate sales, we don't promote products.