We created a series free resources to help prevent myopia and protect your eyesight health.  Bear in mind that these are just the quick guides, a primer to get you started on vision health.  To get into more detail and a step by step process, consider our courses or a good local behavioral optometrist recommendation.

For questions based on your reading, visit our new therapist Q&A.

Quick guide #1 of 4.  What made your eyes myopic in the first place?


Quick guide #2 of 4.  Understanding and reducing eye strain.


Quick guide #3 of 4.  Blur horizon and the close-up prescription.


Quick guide #4 of 4.  Reducing distance prescription and more stimulus.


The guides above are a good starting point for myopia prevention.

We also license a range of therapist guided myopia rehab courses.  These are brilliant step by step guides for which we provide support and guarantee results (up to 20% lower prescription in 90 days and at least 1 diopter per year ongoing improvement).  

You might also visit the support forum to read about some of the current challenges, questions, and success stories from participants.

The vision health blog is also updated 3-4 times per week.  Read articles about eyesight health, the latest clinical research, news of stock performance bragging from the lens industry, and much more.


– Neha, Ted, Alex & Jake