There’s something else you probably noticed about your results:

They vary throughout the day. They are likely better in the morning, and quite a bit worse after a full day of close-up, and worse yet if the ambient lighting is not good. A big difference, quite possibly. 20% or more.

What’s that? That’s the close-up strain. If we were to pretend that your morning results is ideal, the end of the day would be that bit of myopia that the optometrist corrected with your first glasses. The little bit that goes away over night (no strain). You are experiencing the fluctuation of near induced transient myopia, the thing studied for 40 years, the thing that’s your first prescription, in your centimeter results, every single day. You just did your own little study on vision health!

How can an optometrist dispute this?

Honestly, I don’t want to ask. They are prescription writers. What I do want to do, is get you to look at the empirical data, the undeniable facts. You may argue with 40 year of conclusive studies – but what about your own findings, with your own centimeter results, which are just a way to look at diopters of prescription?

The only, single, solitary logical explanation is NITM (near induced transient myopia) that happens every day with your current close-up habits and lens induced myopia, the thing you determine by how long you had your current prescription, vs. the centimeter results. Enough strain, long enough, makes some of that reduced centimeter not recover over night. And after several years of too much strain, you have a bit of that transient myopia. Which wouldn’t have been an issue, if treated properly – which that prescription lens of course was not the proper way.

It’s irrefutable, and once you have your own data in your own hands, there should be zero question about it in your mind.

Now, what do we do about all this?

We need to start looking at eliminating that close-up strain. Which you can do, even if you look at a computer all day. It takes a little bit of habit change, a bit of a different prescription, and some basic principles of biology and stimulus.

Take a look at the site. The top of each page has links to Active Focus, Blur Horizon, The Four Pillars. These are really key premises when it comes to healthy eyesight. You need active focus, and you need a blur horizon. 40 years (42 now, actually) of doing only myopia rehabilitation and prevention, these two concepts define the core aspects of treating myopia. Read them!

Armed with that information, and what you learned here, you can start working out your ideal reduced close-up prescription, how to eliminate close-up strain, and how to start getting the stimulus your eyes need to improve (no eye exercises here, all actual positive habit changes). It’s all in the blog and forum, free and ready for you to put into action.

The only caveat there, is that it will take quite a bit of reading.

To that end, I also organized the whole approach into a step-by-step course. One day at a time, going through all these concepts, with simple home work, and a path to improved eyesight. This option also includes support directly from me (imagine that, me somehow finding the time for all the e-mails and forum questions).

The small trade is that in exchange for saving you time (no digging through the whole blog and support forum), you might help support this project with a small donation. The money goes to the advertising of healthier eyesight and all the various ways this site and project has its ways of eating my wallet. I’m retired, and I don’t need the income, but I do need your help in spreading the word. It’s quite expensive to show up on Google ahead of all the scams and disinformation – and I can’t do that without you.

Still, everything is also all available free in the forum and blog. I’m not putting your eyesight health behind a pay wall. It’s just a question of whether you prefer to read a lot, or just get a step-by-step course, and might be willing to throw some coins in the tip jar in return.

Also of note, you can go on with the course, for up to half of the whole thing, for free.

I added a free trial recently, which gives you access to the whole course, forum support and all. Try it for the first half, which goes far into all the topics, and then decide if the method and support is worth your support. Don’t like it? Cancel and never be charged.

Also, you might pay and offer your financial support, and change your mind later. Like three months later. Or six months later. Or twelve months later. Up to a year, I will send you a refund (for the core program only, obviously – past that you should have a good idea if you want any additional help). Instant refund back to your card, no questions. This being the Internet, and my name being attached, I care very much about positive feedback. So you know I will absolutely only accept your money for the project, if you are happy.

Enough with all the promotion! Try it out. Or don’t try it out. Either way, do send me a quick e-mail, let me know what you thought of this introduction. I hope it got you at least curious enough to follow the blog (I post several times a week), and check in on the support forums (100% uncensored).

Here is the link to the next 14 installments:

I also have a 50 Euro bonus – a free upgrade to the +Therapist program.  +Therapist includes my prescription  suggestions, which you probably already have seen many times in the support forum.  +Therapist is 50 Euros more than the basic program, which is really an excellent deal for the additional prescription help I offer.

You can get this for free (though I do appreciate the paid support as well).  Look for he details in my next (and last) e-mail to you, tomorrow.

I look forward to hearing from you. It’s a little bit of us vs. the establishment. Us vs. having our eyesight held hostage by billion dollar corporations and their minions, masqueraded as vision health professionals (harsh, but I’m an old man – and old men are notoriously cantankerous).


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