Join our education program for guided practice including the following subject matters:

Optics & Refraction Basics

Understanding the basic systems governing lens optics and refraction are key to further exploring changing refractive states.  From diopters to blur horizon distances, learning materials explore all available measurement dynamics and properties to consider for logging refractive data.

A logging tool including graphing capabilities is provided to aid in your measurement progress.

Vision Biology Basic & Advanced

A deep dive into core principles of vision biology including a number of external resources is provided during the program.  

While both basic and advanced program sessions are focused primarily on refractive states and refractive state changes, we also discuss stimulus and axial length changing properties involved in relevant biology premises.

Note that only normal and natural states are discussed, no medical issues or abnormalities are part of program contents.  

Clinical Science – Studies & Reviews

Discussion on available published clinical science in peer reviewed studies is part of the course contents.  This extensive resource provides initial guidance along with a number of keywords and quoted sources for further exploration.

Study material is intended to further explore available data on refractive states and refractive state changes in global as well as localized populations.


Ongoing support is provided via the dedicated support forum.  Specific discussions may include all subjects covered in course sessions, as well as individual data and observations gathered during the course of individual exploration.

Support is available for the entire duration of the program and may be extended on student request.

Notes & Limitations

The program is largely text-based not inclusive of multi-media materials.

While the education program is supplied online in digital format, limitations may apply regionally due to limitations beyond our control.  Study materials are intended to further understanding of optics and vision biology, though no certifications are available as part of the program.  For certification options we recommend exploring other localized programs catering to such needs.

Refunds & Privacy

Our refund policy is both simple and comprehensive.  If you are not satisfied by the course for any reason, simply request a refund within 60 days.  All refunds are processed within 48 hours and not subject to review (detailed refund policy here).

Our privacy policy is designed to fully protect your privacy.  No personally identifiable data is ever shared, and we’re proud to be fully GDPR compliant (full privacy policy here).