Blur, Clear, Blur.

We talk about such grand topics as mindfulness in the blog (with video, do check it out).

The truth is though, that you just want to focus on the simple, key strategies that I present here.  And the key pieces that you know so far, all go back to just one thing …

That little space, between clear vision and blurred vision.

A lot of the refinement of this really simple concept will come into play in questions of timing, useful habits, and the various interesting visual experience that you will experience over time.  That’s later though, once you grasp the basics.

Right now it’s important that we really ingrain the main habits:

  • Start the day with 20 minutes of blur, follow up with clear vision.
  • Don’t wear your full prescription glasses for close-up use.
  • Stay at the far end of your focal distance while up-close (meaning, close to blur)
  • “Push” yourself into a bit of blur, blink, try to find active focus, the experience of a bit of blur clearing up

You already took the big step, reducing your prescription.  Finding active focus is your current challenge.  Just a little bit of change from blur to clearer image, is what you want.  When you get that experience, linger in that space for a moment, not blinking, revel in the accomplishment.

This might either seem super simple, or seemingly impossible to you, right now.

I want to make sure that I get you here, no matter whether you already figured this out, or if you’re still working on it.  If you’re not quite there yet, you’re in the majority.  Just take a few minutes here and there during the day, when you think of it.  Get into a bit of blur.  Blink at it.  Not working?  Try more blur.  Try less blur.  Play around with it.

Tip:  Type “active focus” into the search form at the top of the forum main page.

You’ll find lots and lots of posts and comments on the subject.  Though if active focus was easy for you to find (fairly uncommon), then just practice pushing yourself into a bit of blur, clearing up that blur, and then staying at that distance.

Just wearing your reduced prescription (the “differential”) is reducing your risk of increasing myopia dramatically.  You’re already out of the danger zone.  Now you’re working on further minimizing eye strain, and the first part of positive stimulus.

This all takes a bit of time.  The important thing is not to rush it, rather build a nice rhythm of taking the next session when you’re ready, and getting into habits.

We do have a whole lot more to cover.

I want to make sure we take it easy here, so that you get active focus, the right habits, so that all the upcoming sessions will make sense – and be easy for you to leverage into habits.

You’re doing good so far!

And remember, feel free to poke your head into the forum, say hello.  😉


– Jake


Session:  Video Stream

Heads up!  This video is supplemental only.  Also note that your darling eye guru is taking some liberties playing with the video format.  😉

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